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Farmington nonprofit offering students environmental minigrants

By: Mike Koury | Farmington Press | Published November 4, 2015


FARMINGTON HILLS — The nonprofit Peace, Love and Planet is offering “Go Green” minigrants to students in southeastern Michigan looking to lead an environmental change at their school.

Students can apply for grants from $50 to $400 to help fund a green initiative that can benefit their school and the environment.

Peace, Love and Planet Executive Director Gina Adams-Levy said the group started giving out the grants last year after Farmington Public Schools was unable to offer them anymore.

“I’m a really concerned parent is what it boils down to,” she said. “If we cannot support our students in addressing … climate change, then we are doing a disservice to this generation.

“Our nonprofit really is designed to help support awareness and hopefully will lead to action.”

Levy said the program has funded grants for projects such as a student sun garden and a refillable water bottle station.

“Student-led initiatives are not only well-received, but they have the most enthusiasm behind them,” she said.

Rosie Burns-Pavlik, 14, led one of those initiatives when she was a student at East Middle School in Farmington Hills.

Burns-Pavlik, and her group of eight other students, came up with the idea to put in a refillable water bottle station after noticing a lot of people using disposable water bottles.

“I was hoping by putting in a station where kids could easily fill up their water bottles instead of standing in line for the drinking fountain that they ... would be more apt to use reusable instead of one time,” she said.

With her $400 grant and another $750 from the Farmington Education Foundation, Burns-Pavlik was able to put in a station in the school and see firsthand people refilling their water bottles.

“It was really cool to be able to see people using it and just walking down the hall and knowing that our whole team’s work … we worked really hard and were able to accomplish something, which was really cool,” she said.

“Our Earth can’t necessarily take everything that we are doing, and we need to save the resources we do have. I think I realized that, and I know I want my kids and future generations to enjoy our Earth, and so I’m just trying to help do that,” Burns-Pavlik said.

The deadline to apply for the minigrants is Saturday, Dec. 5. Students can apply for the grants at