Published October 2, 2019

METRO DETROIT — As a local alternative to big banks, some credit unions are seeing growth as the word gets out about their expanding breadth of services. Just ask Rebekah Monroe.

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Published September 18, 2019

METRO DETROIT — When bumper-to-bumper traffic adds another 20 or 30 minutes to your daily commute, you might need something a little more potent than Billboard’s Top 40 hits.

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Published September 11, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Nature and architecture are rich sources of inspiration for plein air painters and urban sketchers.

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Published September 5, 2019

Take one road, add two wheels and hundreds of colors. The result is an outdoor fall experience that you can only enjoy in Michigan.

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Published August 29, 2019

We’ve all done it: thrown out that cucumber or head of lettuce that sat, forgotten, at the back of the refrigerator until it was past its prime. 

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Published August 21, 2019

METRO DETROIT — It’s the fastest growing sport in the world, but you don’t need to be a superstar athlete to play roller derby.

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Published August 14, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Is a part-time job a rite of passage for students, or a thing of the past?

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Published August 7, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Nivas Dammalapati, of Farmington Hills, said his 10-year-old daughter, Sasha, began working with a tutor nine months ago.

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Published July 31, 2019

METRO DETROIT — By the time we’ve grown into adults, we should probably have figured out how to properly nourish our bodies and eat right.

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Published July 24, 2019

METRO DETROIT — The Great Lakes are home to many fascinating creatures, but local environmentalists are warning against the invasion of a new beast: microplastic.

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Published July 16, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Smartphones, navigation systems, touch-screen music controls and more: It seems that teens learning to drive these days have more distractions than ever to filter out while they concentrate on the task at hand.

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Published July 9, 2019

If you’re an animal lover, you know all too well the pangs of wanting to adopt all of the sweet homeless cats and dogs left in shelters.

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Published July 2, 2019

METRO DETROIT — When Oakland County Parks and Recreation Manager of Operations Sue Wells was a teenager, a dark tan and sun-lightened hair were the true indicators of a successful summer break.

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Published June 25, 2019

METRO DETROIT — If Oakland County Commissioner Shelley Goodman Taub wants to have a nice belly laugh, she thinks back to some of the reasons suffrage opponents gave for why women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

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Published June 18, 2019

METRO DETROIT — These days, to rock vivid hair color, you don’t have to be an Instagram baddie or a punk rocker. You just need the courage and a little time.

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Published June 12, 2019

METRO DETROIT — If you’re moving soon, don’t even think about asking Tina Iulianelli or Amy Anderson to help haul your stuff. Their cars’ trunks are filled to the brim with yoga mats, blocks and resistance bands.

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Published May 29, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Los Angeles-based celebrity fitness trainer Alex Fine will be competing in a 50-mile ultramarathon to raise money for HAVEN of Oakland County.

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Published May 21, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Henry Ford physical therapist Jim Tavrazich said it’s time to take a stand against too much sitting. “It is a problem,” said Tavrazich, the supervisor for Henry Ford Medical Center Rehabilitation Services in Southfield, and Henry Ford Medical Center Rehabilitation Services and Athletic Medicine in Novi.

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Published May 15, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Throughout her life, Warren resident Barbara Young was a saver. She was determined to have enough money to hire help and live out her days in her own home, and Young’s children estimate that she saved somewhere around $100,000. But when she passed away a few years ago, that savings was gone.

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Published May 1, 2019

METRO DETROIT — Guys in ties and girls in pearls. That’s the rule of thumb for office attire, right? Nope. Just like faxes have evolved into emails and legal pads into iPads, the way we dress for a day of work has changed with the times.

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