Improvements to Goetz Park and Roxana Park, pictured, were approved by the Eastpointe City Council May 19 and June 2, respectively.

Improvements to Goetz Park and Roxana Park, pictured, were approved by the Eastpointe City Council May 19 and June 2, respectively.

Photo by Deb Jacques

Eastpointe OKs improvements to 2 parks

By: Brendan Losinski | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published June 8, 2020


EASTPOINTE — Improvements to two parks in Eastpointe will move forward by the end of 2020 after the proposals were approved by the City Council.

The plan to approve Goetz Park was approved unanimously by the council at its regular meeting May 19, and improvements to Roxana Park were approved unanimously at its meeting June 2.

“It’s nice because it’s something that you, as a resident, can see and use,” City Councilman Harvey Curley said. “The kids will like it. It’s different than something like fixing the streets or putting new sewers in. As important as that is, you don’t see it. This is something kids and families can use and enjoy and see for themselves.”

Councilman Cardi DeMonaco said the Goetz Park improvements were something the City Council thinks will be a marked improvement for residents, since it will mean the park can be used more by the public and will be located in an area where there are currently fewer parks.

“I was happy to see the start of the work at Goetz, because it’s essentially just grass right now,” he said. “We’ll be turning it into a full park now with benches and gazebos and other resources so you can actually use it as a park. We don’t have much park space between Eight Mile Road and Nine Mile Road, so I’m excited that we are working on a park in that area since most of our parks happen to be between Nine Mile Road and 10 Mile Road.”

City officials said that the total cost of the Goetz Park project is estimated to be $275,000, including engineering, inspection and testing. However, $227,000 will be provided through Community Development Block Grant money.

Playground equipment and other resources, such as benches, were added to Roxana Park in 2019. The additional improvements will focus around the addition of a pavilion for public use.

“The Roxana Park phase two planning proposal was approved unanimously at the City Council meeting on June 2,” DeMonaco said. “The estimated project cost would be about $100,000, and we’ll be getting about $55,000 in grant money. We’ll be installing a pavilion next to the playground, putting in electrical outlets at the pavilion and extending the sidewalk to the pavilion.”

DeMonaco said the council is eager for work to begin, but exact dates are still difficult to determine due to businesses still operating in limited capacities due to COVID-19.

“(Anderson, Eckstein and Westrick Inc.) will put the engineering plans together; they will then go out to bid, but a timeline beyond that is tricky with corona still going around. It also is unknown how long the Goetz Park work will take until (the new equipment is) put in,” he said. “Goetz should be done by the end of summer though, and the Roxana work we expect to be completed by the end of the year.”

City Administrator Joe Merucci said that once the designs are finalized and the materials are delivered, work on each of the parks’ improvements should take about three weeks.

“With respect to Roxana Park phase II, now that the City Council has approved the design proposal from AEW, I have given the project designer the authorization to proceed with the design,” Merucci explained in an email. “I expect a conceptual design to be on the parks commission agenda for review for next Wednesday, June 10. The final design will be approved at the July parks commission meeting and placed out to bid immediately thereafter. I expect this project to be constructed in October.”

The entire council was glad to see improvements to the parks moving forward.

“I’ve wanted to work on the parks for a while, since we weren’t able to since the recession hit,” DeMonaco remarked. “We’ve been eager to focus on them now that we are in a position to start some more projects of this type. These efforts, combined with the improvements to Roxana last year, will turn two parks that used to be essentially just grass into something more people can take advantage of.”

“I’m excited that one of the things the council wants to do this year is bring activities to the parks for the kids,” added Curley. “It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to focus on our parks. We’ve done a lot of work over at Roxana Park last year, and now we’re going to expand on that and start this work on Goetz Park as well.”