Eastpointe Middle School meets or exceeds goals in state partnership agreement

By: Brendan Losinski | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published February 11, 2019


EASTPOINTE — Eastpointe Middle School announced that it has met a series of goals related to its partnership with the Michigan Department of Education.

On Jan. 31, Eastpointe Community Schools officials met with representatives from the Michigan Department of Education and the Macomb Intermediate School District to examine whether Eastpointe Middle School has met certain benchmarks as part of the district’s partnership with the department.

“We are in a partnership with the Michigan Department of Education,” said Eastpointe Middle School Principal Stephanie Fleming. “We had our 18-month meeting to see if we met our goals, which (regarded) student achievement, based on state and local assessments. It was determined that we met or exceeded those goals.”

The meeting was mandated to see what progress the school had made after 18 months of partnership. The partnership agreement was established with the state of Michigan in April 2017. It began after the school was removed from Michigan’s priority school list. This partnership was considered the next step in improving the school from what the Michigan Department of Education considered a significant deficit of performance.

“It has been a pleasure to support and work in partnership with Eastpointe Community Schools,” Alesia Frye, the chief academic officer for the MISD, said in a press release. “Despite high student mobility, the Eastpointe team has remained focused on meeting the academic and nonacademic needs of all students.”

Fleming credited the success to focusing on some very specific goals and following through on plans to achieve those goals.

“We created a culture around learning to foster positive relationships with our students and provided support for staff and students,” she explained. “We were very focused on literacy and instruction from the administration on down. I think because these measures were very targeted toward the needs of our students, they were effective.”

Fleming also credited her staff with putting in the extra work to ensure their progress was consistent.

“I think that when I came on board 18 months ago, we really came together and focused on how to best move forward. We have a great teaching staff and a great support staff,” Fleming said. “We have a building full of people moving in the same direction to ensure we are focused on meeting our objectives and helping students.”

The partnership is designed to function for three years. Having proven it has succeeded up to the halfway point, Eastpointe Middle School will continue to try to meet some specific goals with less oversight.

“Because we met both goals successfully, we will convene again at the 36-month mark to discuss goals, and we have shown adequate progress to demonstrate we are able to continue this progress,” Fleming said. “We will determine, at that point, if we are still meeting or exceeding these goals.”

District administrators said this was a strong sign of forward progress for the middle school and the district as a whole. Eastpointe Community Schools Superintendent Ryan McLeod said this means that the district is on the right track.

“We are a much stronger district today than we were 18 months ago,” said McLeod. “This is just another example of the work being done in our schools to improve the quality of education for all students in our Eastpointe community.”