Dunn prevails in supervisor race

By: Thomas Franz | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published August 9, 2016


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — After a contentious campaign season, Macomb Township Supervisor Janet Dunn will retain her post after ousting Republican challenger Mark Grabow in a primary election Aug. 2.

Dunn collected 60.5 percent of the vote, compared to 39.5 percent for Grabow.

“I’m very relieved that it’s over and now we can get back to the business of the township,” Dunn said.

Barring a massive write-in campaign for the general election, Dunn will now run unopposed for the supervisor position with no opposition from a Democrat.

Township resident Margaret Walquist, 73, expressed her support for Dunn.

“We’re satisfied with the governing that we’ve had, and we hope for more of the same,” Walquist said. “She’s done a good job in the past.”

Dunn previously served in Macomb Township as a trustee from 1995 to 2012.

“Conducting the business of the township — that’s what we’re there for, and that’s what I intend to focus on, keeping everything pretty much even-keel,” Dunn said. “We’ll aim just to keep it pretty much as we have been doing: financially stable, a nice community that people want to move to.”

Bussineau breaks through in primary
It went down to the wire Aug. 2, for the fourth spot in the Republican primary for the Macomb Township Board of Trustees.

Incumbents Nancy Nevers, Roger Krzeminski and Dino Bucci each secured spots in the general election, while challenger Tim Bussineau defeated incumbent Clifford Freitas for the fourth and final slot this November.

Bussineau edged Freitas with 17.9 percent of the vote, compared to 17.4 percent for Freitas.

“I’m still processing everything, but I think the campaign is very excited about what happened,” Bussineau said. “This campaign was truly grass-roots. I’m excited about it.”

Democrat Michael O’Lear, who ran unopposed in the primary, will oppose the four Republican winners in the general election.

Bussineau pointed to his community involvement as a big reason for collecting support leading up to the primary.

Bussineau, 45, is a teacher at Romeo High School. He also coaches baseball for a club team in Macomb County as well as at Eisenhower High School. He has also been involved with the Knights of Columbus at St. Isidore’s Catholic Church, and he was a former president of the Shelby Junior High booster club.

“You never know if those relationships you’ve created are strong until a moment like this when you’re in a campaign, and I had overwhelming grass-roots support,” Bussineau said. “I really just think my involvement in the community is why we pulled this off.”

Bussineau said he was most proud of his campaign pulling off a top-four finish despite spending only $950.

“This campaign was truly grass-roots — people who know me from the community and support who we are. I definitely think there’s a movement out there, and I’m very excited about it,” Bussineau said.

Election runs smoothly
Interim Clerk Ed Carey said the election was largely uneventful for his office.
Despite using equipment that is two decades old, waiting lines were at a minimum for voters, and the results of the township’s votes were finished being counted by about 11 p.m. on election night.

“Things went pretty good. Our machinery is old. It’s been here long before me even, so it’s very touchy — you have to be gentle with it,” Carey said. “It tends to break down now and then, and you have to rerun ballots with it. I had a couple precincts where I had to rerun ballots, and that’s just because it’s aging, and hopefully this is the last year we use it.”

Carey said the same equipment will be used for the November election, but there could be new equipment for the following election cycle in 2018.