Dennings appointed to Macomb County Circuit Court bench

By: Brian Louwers | Warren Weekly | Published January 3, 2022




MACOMB COUNTY —  Attorney Teri Lynn Dennings has been appointed to the bench of the state’s 16th Judicial Circuit Court, in Macomb County, where she’ll begin serving a partial term following the retirement of Judge Mark Switalski.

Dennings, of Warren, was appointed to the partial term by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Dec. 21.

“I am proud to appoint Teri to the bench in Macomb County,” Whitmer said in a statement announcing the appointment. “She brings a wide range of professional experience and legal expertise to her new role that will help her serve the public admirably.”

Currently an attorney for Consumers Energy specializing in labor and employment law, Dennings worked previously as a senior litigation attorney and an associate attorney handling labor and employment matters for several firms. 

“Since the beginning of my career I’ve represented both plaintiffs and defendants, individuals, corporations, government. So in terms of my client base, it’s been very diverse,” Dennings said Dec. 29. “I’ve worked in trial courts and federal courts throughout southeast Michigan. From a practice standpoint, I’ve represented (parties) in civil rights, employment, labor, business litigation, and so from that aspect my practice has been pretty varied. 

“This is an opportunity for me to give back to my community as a public servant in a more meaningful way to me,” Dennings said.

Dennings finished third behind Judge Rachel Rancilio and Judge Michael Servitto in the race for two open seats in Macomb County Circuit Court on the ballot for the November 2016 election. With her appointment to the partial term set to expire on Jan. 1, 2023, she would be required to run for election in November this year to fill out the remainder of Switalski’s six-year term that expires in 2024.   

“On behalf of the entire Circuit Court Bench, I want to extend a warm welcome to Judge Dennings,” Chief Judge of the 16th Judicial Circuit Court James Biernat said in a statement. “I believe her experience and dedication to an accessible justice system will serve the citizens of Macomb County well. Congratulations, Judge Dennings!”

Dennings said her judicial philosophy would be built on respect for everyone in the courtroom and the rendering of impartial decisions in a timely manner. 

“I think that part of public service is being visible in the community. Another part of my position is to be present in the community in varying ways,” Dennings said. “I hope that people would be comfortable calling me about their experiences with the court and where they feel like the court needs to be improved. That’s part of service, trying to improve the judicial system, and my commitment is to do that, to make it fair and accessible to everyone. 

“I just appreciate the confidence of the governor, and I hope to continue to earn the respect of the people in Macomb County,” Dennings said.