DDA invites public to ‘Fall in Love With Roseville’

By: Brendan Losinski | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published October 9, 2018


ROSEVILLE — The Roseville Downtown Development Authority and Roseville Community and Economic Development are inviting the public to join them for their first Fall in Love With Roseville celebration from 3 to 6 p.m. Oct. 15 at 28367 Gratiot Ave.

Fall in Love with Roseville will be a presentation on the future of city development and business.

“We are sharing our ideas about what we could do to change the community,” said Jennifer Colombo, the chairperson of the Roseville DDA. “We tore down an old barn and are featuring our ideas at that location and will be introducing a new business that is a recording studio. It’s a catch-up for people wondering where we are and gives them a chance to ask us questions.”

Members of the public are welcome to check out Roseville businesses, see what the plans are for new businesses and voice their opinions on possible changes in the community.

“People are going to be seeing some differences in the community over the next few months,” Colombo said. “There will be cider and doughnuts. The architect and planning people will be there to get input from the community, and people can share what they would like to see at the space and see change in the city as a whole.”

The event will take place outside of the Tuxedo Avenue Studio, a new Roseville-based recording studio currently under construction.

“They are completely reconstructing this building and putting in a whole new, cutting-edge, modern recording studio,” said Colombo. “The building used to be very bad, and this is one of the first examples of taking something rundown in the city and turning it into something new.”

The business is owned by Paco Higdon, who loved the aesthetic of the Roseville neighborhood.

“It was a taxidermy building before this. They downsized and moved out, so me and some of my colleagues just wanted to open a recording studio in Michigan. Roseville is such a unique place to open a business; it was an affordable and quirky neighborhood, so we thought it would be a quirky spot.”

Higdon and his partners are hoping to open by the end of 2018.

“We’re looking forward to these city developments as well,” he added. “We’re glad to be a part of these improvements going on in Roseville.”

Colombo said there are some major changes in the works for Roseville, including at the site of the event. 

“The city will make a walk-through area and will set up some pop-up stores and vendors for events in the courtyard (where Fall in Love With Roseville is being hosted),” she explained. “It’s next to the former taxidermy place on Gratiot near Utica (Road). There will be a bike path, a pavilion area for community events. We’ll put new landscaping and paving in the area.”

The organizers hope this will kick off a yearly program where residents can share their visions for Roseville’s future and find out what others are working on.

“We’re hoping to do this yearly,” remarked Colombo. “This will allow people to see upcoming community events and get people directly involved in changing Roseville so we can collect their input. We might combine this with our (summer) car show. This way, we can bring it all together to a big fall event.”