Dakota senior earns Eagle Scout recognition

By: Thomas Franz | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published November 25, 2015


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — When he was in fifth grade, Adam Majestic wrote that one of his goals was to become an Eagle Scout.

The following year, in 2009, he began to pursue that goal by joining the Boy Scouts.

Nearly 30 merit badges and 52 nights of camping over the past six years led him to accomplish his goal this fall.

“This was my ultimate goal,” said Majestic, who is also using the honor as an edge in applying for colleges.

Majestic’s goal for college is to study biochemistry, a field he thought would suit him well after earning a first aid merit badge.

“I really like the medical aspect and medical studies, and then I plan to study biochemistry in college with the hopes of becoming a doctor,” Majestic said.

The last significant work to earn the Eagle Scout honor is a project that exemplifies the scout’s ability to show leadership.

For Majestic, that project was the construction of a shot put return machine for the Dakota High School track and field program.

The return machine was constructed in June 2014, so it was used for this past spring season.

Majestic said that more than 100 man hours went into constructing the machine, which weighs 200 pounds and is about 5 feet tall at one end.

Majestic wasn’t allowed to help in the actual construction of the machine, but he directed a host of friends and family who helped build it.

“You’re supposed to lead as much as possible. It’s always appropriate to lead by demonstration, but the point of becoming an Eagle Scout is to show you’re a capable leader,” Majestic said.

The machine has already been a help to Dakota’s track team, which Majestic is a member of. Majestic said he has personal-best throws of 41 feet, 6 inches in the shot put, and 127 feet, 4 inches in discus. Those marks allowed him to compete in the county and team state meets last spring.

“It (the return machine) received a lot of compliments from the other coaches,” Majestic said.

Majestic is a member of Troop 248, which is primarily made up of Dakota and Chippewa Valley students. David Carbery, the troop’s scoutmaster, said Majestic’s project and approval for his work was completed in the fastest amount of time he’s ever seen.

“I consider the Eagle project to be the final exam for rank of Eagle, and Adam definitely had maturity and additional knowledge from school and common sense that he brought to this project execution,” Carbery said. “Some of that was luck with timing of meetings, but he was definitely on the ball.”

Carbery said Majestic is approximately the 70th scout in the 20-year history of the troop to achieve Eagle Scout status.

“He came over like a lot of kids, not too sure of himself, and today without hesitation, he wouldn’t have fear to tackle anything. He plans and prepares, and he’s someone you can count on to lead others,” Carbery said. “This is the beginning of his service to others, and the beginning of using and sharing everything he’s learned.”