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Crocker House Cemetery Walk returns Oct. 1

By: Sarah Cormier | Mount Clemens - Clinton - Harrison Journal | Published September 26, 2011

 Actors for the Cemetery Walk practiced their roles before the event.

Actors for the Cemetery Walk practiced their roles before the event.

Photo by Erin Sanchez


MOUNT CLEMENS — When she was younger, Loretta Clark didn’t really enjoy learning history. But now that she’s retired, she can’t get enough of it.

“I just find it so interesting,” she said. “In school, I didn’t think to have that type of interest in history, and now, I have that interest.”

Clark volunteers at a few local historical organizations, including the Crocker House Museum in Mount Clemens. So when Kim Parr, executive director of the Crocker House asked her to participate in the fifth annual Cemetery Walk, Clark was delighted.

“I am excited about doing this, and I hope everybody enjoys it,” she said.

Every year, the Crocker House Museum puts on the walk as a fundraiser for itself. According to Parr, she finds people buried in the cemetery who had an interesting history with Macomb County before they died and then asks local volunteers to represent those people.

“There’s a history of Macomb County that has a pretty thorough history of notables that helped build the town,” she said.

Clark will be playing the role of Mary Amy Douglas, the owner of a boardinghouse who was murdered at the age of 85.

“I’m always looking for something different to do, and that was definitely different,” said Clark.

Five other actors will be representing people now long gone, including two Civil War veterans and a millionaire.

“You really believe that they (the actors) are actually that person; they are just so smooth,” said Clark, a Harrison Township resident. “Their stories are so great, and it’s just good to learn about some of the people that put the area together.”

Parr said the first tour starts Oct. 1 at 1:30 p.m. with the last at 5:45 p.m. Attendees meet at the Crocker House Museum and are bused to Clinton Grove Cemetery, where the actors are waiting to portray their characters. Two buses leave every 15 minutes. Tickets are $10 for members of the Macomb County Historical Society and $15 for nonmembers.

There is also a Funeral Tea held at noon at the Crocker House. There, attendees can learn more about Irish wake customs.

“We try to teach a different aspect of the mourning wake customs every year,” said Parr. Harold W. Vick Funeral Home is sponsoring the event, providing cider and doughnuts as well as favors for the tea. Tickets are $30 for members of the Macomb County Historical Society and $35 for nonmembers.

“This event is the closest to our objective of keeping local history alive,” said Parr. “Our goal is to teach and instill an appreciation for our local history, and there’s so many stories to be told and the cemetery is the perfect place.”

Clark said attendees can learn a lot about Macomb County by going to the walk.

“You get to understand why some street names are the way they are or why some buildings are called what they are — simple things like that,” she said.

To order tickets to the Cemetery Walk, call (586) 465-2488.