Crime briefs of the year in Fraser, Clinton Township

Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published January 13, 2022

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FRASER/CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Here’s a look back at some of the most interesting and bizarre local crime briefs from 2021:

Suspect steals packages from neighbor
FRASER — In the months leading up to February 2021, Fraser Public Safety officials stated that a resident in the area of 15 Mile and Utica roads began noticing that several Amazon packages were not delivered — even though Amazon showed the packages as delivered. The resident purchased a Ring doorbell, and on Feb. 22 Amazon delivered a package and placed it at the resident’s front door.

After arriving home from work, the package was not at the door, and the resident reviewed the doorbell footage that reportedly showed the resident’s neighbor walk by and pick up the delivered Amazon package.

Fraser DPS officers responded and spoke to the neighbor, who admitted to taking the Amazon package. Officers then executed a search warrant at the suspect’s home and allegedly found several previous Amazon packages that were delivered to the victim’s front door. The suspect was arrested, and charges were pending through the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office.


Man arrested after accidentally discharged gun shoots into neighbor’s home
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On Feb. 21, in the 43000 block of Bayview, a male suspect, 31, told police he recently purchased a handgun and was cleaning it when it accidentally discharged.

The bullet traveled through a ceiling and into the living room of his upstairs neighbor. The man was arrested for neglectful discharge, and the gun was placed into evidence.


Man exposes himself to restaurant employee
FRASER — On Feb. 21, a man walked into Subway at 34509 Utica Road and reportedly requested to use the restroom. The female clerk pointed the man in the direction of the restroom, and he went inside.

The man came out of the restroom after a short time and allegedly had his penis exposed. Both the clerk and suspect made eye contact, and the clerk “was positive this was not a mistake.” The man then bought two cookies, all while remaining exposed. The clerk later told police she refused to look down at the indecent exposure. The suspect then left.


Woman pushes customer down in checkout lane
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On March 26, at Dollar Tree at 33818 Gratiot Ave., a woman was yelled at by another customer who accused her of cutting in line. When an employee opened a new lane and the woman accused of cutting the line went to that lane, the suspect allegedly pushed the woman from behind and knocked her down. The woman reportedly hit her head. The suspect reportedly left the scene in a black Kia Sorrento.


Motorcyclist does wheelie, flees police
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On April 4, in the area of Gratiot Avenue and Euclid, officers were driving on Gratiot near Sandpiper when they saw a black motorcycle traveling southbound at approximately 59 mph. The police turned around to try to catch up with the motorcycle, which reportedly had no license plate attached.

The rider was an unknown male with a red helmet. When officers activated their lights, the driver reportedly looked in their direction and then accelerated, doing a wheelie. The chase was terminated by police. A M.A.T.S. unit picked up the pursuit, but also terminated the chase. No suspects were caught or arrested.


Man allegedly throws full beer can at delivery driver’s car
FRASER — On April 10, Fraser Public Safety officers responded to a call of a person reportedly throwing a full beer can at a food delivery driver.

Officers met with the driver, who explained to police that after a delivery he was stopped by a random man on the street. The suspect reportedly complained about loud music and speeding, berating the driver and causing him to pull away. The driver then observed in his rearview mirror that the suspect allegedly threw a full beer can at his vehicle.

Witnesses spoke to police and said the driver was neither speeding nor listening to music at a high decibel level. The suspect allegedly admitted to police he threw the beer can. Charges were submitted to the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office.


Warrant issued after new TV screen shattered
FRASER — On April 15, Fraser Public Safety officers responded to the Starlite Motel on Groesbeck Highway for a malicious destruction of property call.

Officers found a shattered screen on a new TV inside a room. Officers discovered that the person who was previously occupying the room was placed in the room by the Michigan Department of Corrections as part of their release from custody due to COVID-19.

The MDOC lodges and pays for the rooms of persons previously lodged in prison to prevent them from being infected with the virus. Although the rooms are paid for by the MDOC, the person staying in the room is responsible for damage to the room. Detectives determined the previous female occupant’s name, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.


Shots fired outside apartment, suspect arrested
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — In the early morning hours of May 20, police twice responded to the 37000 block of Little Mack Avenue.

The first time, a woman stated she received a threat from a 24-year-old suspect that she was going to shoot up her apartment. The victim was on her balcony when she saw a vehicle drive into the lot, with two people getting out near her child’s father’s vehicle. The police report states the two people bent down and the victim could hear air coming from the tires. She recognized the threatening caller as the driver. As the driver yelled “come on out here,” she reportedly pointed a handgun into the air and the victim said a gunshot was heard. The victim heard two more shots, then heard the other woman reportedly say, “Are you scared now?”

Officers later located two of the shell casings. Police responded to the same address over an hour later, as the suspect called the victim 19 times in about 30 minutes, saying she would call and bully the victim every day. The suspect then drove by the victim’s home. While officers were en route to the call, they located the suspect in a vehicle, and she was arrested.


Police discover THC lab at home
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — A tweet from the Michigan State Police Metro Detroit Post states that on June 8, the County of Macomb Enforcement Team received a tip of a butane lab in the 33000 block of Cheryl Street.

Once detectives secured the scene, a highly elaborate THC extraction lab utilizing butane was observed. The Clinton Township Fire Department assisted with the decontamination process of the lab along with the Oakland County Hazmat Team.

According to fire officials, if the lab exploded, it would have destroyed the garage, along with damaging the neighboring residences. Ten marijuana plants, approximately 30 pounds of suspected marijuana, and a handgun was seized along with the lab equipment.

The suspect was transported to the Clinton Township Police Department for an interview and processing. He was released pending further investigation.


Weapons complaint reported at park
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Around 7 p.m. July 4, officers were dispatched to McLaren Macomb for a man who was shot in the foot at Prince Drewry Park on Quinn Road.

The man told officers he was with a group of unidentified men when one pulled a gun from his waistband and was taking a bullet out of the top of the gun. The man pulled the trigger and said “my bad.” The man stated he did not realize immediately that he had been shot, and the suspect left.

He refused to identify who took him to the hospital, and police said he was very evasive about who the suspect was, stating it was an accident.


Alleged liquor bandit arrested
FRASER — Police officers responded to a retail fraud report in progress on June 17.

After being told by staff that a frequent liquor thief, a 62-year-old Detroit man, was present in the store, the Fraser Department of Public Safety said its officers waited outside the building while the suspect selected a backpack from inside the store and then allegedly filled that backpack with liquor.

When the man exited the store, Fraser officers said they stopped him and arrested him in possession of $357.91 in unpaid liquor. The department also said that the suspect had been arrested for the same offense on April 24 and that he has been arrested and released from several other metro Detroit police departments for similar crimes in the last six months.

The suspect has been banned from all Meijer stores per the business’ request.


Son steals father’s car after being arrested
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Around 2 p.m. Aug. 26, police say a 92-year-old man took his son to Meijer at 15 Mile and Utica roads. While the father waited in the car, the son ran out and told his dad to leave. As they were pulling out, the father was pulled over by Fraser Department of Public Safety members, and the son was arrested for retail fraud. After he was released, the son came home and took his father’s car from the driveway. The father reported that the son did not have permission to take his car, a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis.


Suspects drive away in Maserati
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — At 10:21 p.m. Sept. 3, a case of unlawfully driving an automobile away was investigated in the area of Karen and Woodside drives.

A man agreed to meet the suspect, who contacted him on Facebook Marketplace to buy his 2006 Maserati Quattroporte, at Kroger. Two men arrived saying they were brothers and wanted to test drive it. They all drove to the area of Hayes and Hall roads, then to Garfield and 17 Mile roads. The two were changing seats so each had time to drive. At one point, one suspect said he was having trouble figuring out the controls. The man who agreed to meet them got out to show them, and the two sped off in the car.


Man charged for giving brother’s name to police
FRASER — A 29-year-old Clinton Township man has been charged with several crimes after allegedly lying to Fraser public safety officers and providing them and the court system with his brother’s name after being arrested for retail fraud.

The suspect was arrested in 2016 for retail fraud at a local business. During the arrest and throughout the course of the judicial process, police said the man continued to use his brother’s name in place of his own.

“(He) pled guilty to the retail fraud in his brother’s name and was placed on probation through the 39th District Court, but failed to pay his fines and costs,” Sgt. Ben Hoppe said in an email. “A warrant was put out in (his) brother’s name, and the Fraser Department of Public Safety eventually arrested his brother and discovered that (the suspect) had lied throughout the entire judicial process.”

After the alleged subterfuge was discovered, the suspect was charged with one count of forgery, one count of identity theft, one count of obstruction of justice, one count of lying to a police officer for a crime of four years or more and one count of first-degree retail fraud.

The suspect was arraigned at the 39th District Court on Sept. 13 and received a bond of $7,500 cash or surety.


Tracking devices found under vehicle
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — At 11:48 a.m. Sept. 28, a stalking case was investigated by police in the 15000 block of Lakeside Village. Officers met with two people who said they felt they were being tracked. The woman received a notification that a tracking device was detected in her vehicle. The man stated that he has had problems with a man who was upset that he had dated a woman whom  the other man liked a few years back. This other man reportedly kept showing up at his home and causing a disturbance. Officers located the device under the vehicle.


Felonious assault case investigated at bar
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Around 1:50 a.m. Oct. 2, a case of felonious assault was reported at a bar in the 33000 block of Harper Avenue. A man said he was standing at the bar cutting up old insurance cards when another customer approached him and grabbed the scissors from him. The suspect grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him downward as he attempted to stab him with the scissors. The suspect had left his debit card behind, and officers went to his home. The suspect was in the driveway and arrested.


Suspect pleads guilty to car fire, motel damage
FRASER — A 43-year-old Roseville man has pleaded guilty to “firebombing” the vehicle of his ex-girlfriend and damaging the motel in which she was staying.

Police said that on April 8, 2020, the victim, a 37-year-old Roseville woman, was staying at the Garden Inn in Fraser with her two children because she was attempting to stay away from her boyfriend, who is the father of the two children. According to investigators, at approximately 3:20 a.m., the victim heard a loud noise outside her room and observed that her vehicle was in flames. The fire spread and ignited a portion of the Garden Inn; however, Fraser police and fire personnel arrived on the scene before there were any injuries.

The victim told police that the suspect had recently damaged her property and burned a vehicle in her apartment complex. Fraser detectives said they found corroborating evidence that indicated that the suspect started the fire at the Garden Inn and charged him with the crime.

On Oct. 20, the man pleaded guilty in 39th District Court to one charge of arson of personal property — $200 or more but less than $1000. Police said that he also agreed to pay $15,000 to the Garden Inn to repair the damages to their property, but that the deal indicated that he will not have to serve any time in jail for this plea.


Burglary reported
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — At 8:54 a.m. Nov. 15, police responded to the 42000 block of Green Valley Drive for a burglary report. A man said he saw a woman in the front room of his home “huffing.” She fled on foot when she was confronted. The man said he heard the huffing sound and saw a woman sitting in his recliner. She bit him and left. The woman gave her name, and other officers knew a woman by that name who lived a couple of houses down but recently moved out. The man didn’t want to press charges.


Driver of stolen truck flees on foot, later located
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — At 7:01 p.m. Nov. 19, a case of unlawfully driving away was reported in the 23000 block of Lansdowne Street. Officers sent to a civil call found a white Ram blocking the roadway occupied by three people. The plate showed that the truck was stolen. The officers approached, and the driver fled on foot. The driver jumped the fence and was last seen running toward Harper Avenue. The passengers complied and denied knowing the truck was stolen. A K-9 was deployed and led officers to a business where the suspect, 18, was located.


Nine jackets stolen by knife-wielding thief
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — At 9:23 p.m. Dec. 8, a robbery was reported at the Lowe’s near 15 Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue. A man loaded nine DeWalt heated jackets into a cart. The suspect was armed with a silver-colored knife and reportedly said to the employees, “Stay away from me.” He fled the store and left in a red Ford Escape. An employee said the suspect committed the same theft at the Chesterfield Township store in November, where he was swinging the knife.