Club receives donations for McKinley Barrier-Free Park

By: Nick Mordowanec | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published December 9, 2015


FRASER — The Fraser First Booster Club recently received three donations to aid McKinley Barrier-Free Park.

One $1,500 check was from Mayor Pro Tem Michael Carnagie on behalf of United Paint, his place of employment. The second check — a $1,500 donation — was from the Fraser Honor Guard. The third check, which Fraser First Booster Club President Vania Apps called a “blot of joy,” was for $3,000 from the Fraser Paid On-Call Firefighters.

The donations, along with others from the community, met Fraser’s Community Challenge and took it over the top, raising $11,650. Included in the Community Challenge is $10,000 earmarked as matching funds for a grant application to the Daughters of the American Revolution. If successful, it will bring the park an additional $10,000 in grant funding.

“The fire truck playscape, in addition to being fun, will have interactive educational panels about fire safety — some with braille inserts for those who are vision impaired,” Apps said. “(There will be) gears and gadgets for tactile feedback for all children to enjoy. (It has) all the bells and whistles that go along with exploring this important playscape.”