Clinton Township teen foregoes college to start her own online fashion business

By: Nick Mordowanec | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published March 26, 2021




CLINTON TOWNSHIP — A Clinton Township teen is forgoing college to chase her dream of being a fashion business entrepreneur.

While many go straight to college following high school, Breontae Rockett, 17, has different plans. It is not due to the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, but rather because she believes higher education “is not a defining factor” in her quest to make it as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Throughout her senior year she has worked on her business venture: an online clothing boutique named Rock It Fashion, in honor of her last name. She may eventually expand to retail depending on its success.

“Given that this is a new and unfamiliar endeavor that I have to develop knowledge and insight on, and given the limitations set forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, I figured it would be best to start off with an online boutique before moving in to expand,” Rockett said.

Rock It Fashion, set to launch this spring, is an idea bred from the way she views the fashion industry.

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion, but I have found that I am never completely happy with clothing items that I have purchased,” she said. “I feel that clothing brands either make things uncomfortable or inappropriate, and I noticed that there is never enough of a variety of clothing that is suitable for all occasions.”

Instead, she wants to promote versatile clothing that could be worn in both casual and professional settings. After watching YouTube videos and hearing first-person perspectives of business creators talk about shoes, makeup and lip gloss, she thought about the possibility of starting her own business.

“My mom encouraged me to make my dream a reality and has been helping me along the way with any obstacles that have come up,” she said.

This isn’t just some high school project, either. Rockett said this is “a long-term endeavor” intended to succeed.

And she’s ready to focus on her success now after graduating early from Great Lakes Learning Academy — an online school for students between sixth and 12th grades.

Rockett was originally supposed to graduate this June. However, due to doubling up on foreign language classes like Spanish and Latin in her freshman and sophomore years — as well as doubling up on English her senior year — she graduated in January.

“Great Lakes Learning Academy was perfect for me because it was a nontraditional learning environment where I could take control of my education and work at a pace that was appropriate for my skill level,” she said.