Class of 2015 taking many different career paths, school officials say

By: Kayla Dimick | Southfield Sun | Published June 17, 2015

 Southfield High senior Jabre Moneice Wallace receives her diploma.

Southfield High senior Jabre Moneice Wallace receives her diploma.

Photo by Sarah Purlee


SOUTHFIELD/LATHRUP VILLAGE — High school graduation is said to be a time when one has the world at their fingertips, and local principals are saying the Class of 2015 seems to be ready to enter the world and is choosing many different career paths.

Excited parents, friends and family members packed the Chene Park Amphitheatre, 2600 Atwater St. in, Detroit, to watch their loved ones embark on their next journey in life. Southfield Public Schools held three ceremonies at the amphitheater. Southfield High held its graduation ceremony at 9 a.m., followed by University High School Academy ceremonies at 1 p.m., then Southfield-Lathrup at 4 p.m.

Lathrup Principal Joseph Spryszak said his graduating seniors are taking different post-graduate paths. He said many students are choosing broadcast journalism, music, medicine, law, engineering and technology fields.

Lisa Butler, social worker and graduation coordinator at Southfield High, said some graduating seniors from the school are also choosing journalism, while others are choosing robotics and engineering. Some are also opting to join the military and head to community college.

No matter their career path, school officials said most graduates are ready to enter the real world.

“They are more focused and seem to be ready to move on to the next phase of their life,” Spryszak said. “You don’t have as many people saying, ‘I’m not sure,’ or who aren’t ready to declare their majors. They’re more specific about their majors.”

Southfield High Assistant Principal Sonia Jackson said the Class of 2015 is set apart from past graduating classes by its work ethic. She said that this year, more students have been on the honor roll than any other graduating class in the past.

“I think each class works very hard to achieve the goals set before them. With this class, I believe they have surpassed their goals.”

Entering a new stage of life doesn’t come without some reservations, Butler said.

“Every year, we experience a few kids who are nervous about graduation because Southfield or school was their comfort zone,” Butler said. “We have interacted and talked about options, what it’ll look like when they get out there, helping them feel a little more comfortable and helping them see beyond high school. Some of our kids sometimes don’t see it until it’s right before them.”

Spryszak said he expects the class to do well, thanks to them being a more focused class as a whole.

“I’m expecting them to be very successful,” Spryszak said. “The fact that they’re so focused on doing what they want to do, we try to get them to understand (they should) follow their passion. Life is going to be better for you when you do that.”