City seeking bids on industrial property it acquired from county

By: Bria Brown | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published May 10, 2017

 Purchasers interested in the property must comply with the city’s terms, which include bringing the building up to code.

Purchasers interested in the property must comply with the city’s terms, which include bringing the building up to code.

Photo by Deb Jacques


ROSEVILLE — The city of Roseville is soliciting qualified developers to submit bids for an industrial property at 27970 Groesbeck Highway until 11 a.m. May 31. 

A minimum bid on the property must be $115,000 and must be accompanied by a 10 percent deposit in the form of a cashier’s check or certified check. 

According to the city’s website, all bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope, marked with the bid number and received in the Purchasing Office. All bids will be submitted to the Roseville City Council. 

The bids will be opened and read aloud at the Roseville City Council Chambers. 

The city advertised the sale in the media April 19. 

“Upon acceptance, they must be laid over for 30 days for a second reading, at which time sale will be consummated,” the city’s website states. 

According to Roseville Purchasing Assistant Paul VanDamme, the city has owned the property since last year. 

“Since it is a commercial property, it is staying open longer than other bids have in the past,” he said.

Roseville City Manager Scott Adkins explained in further detail how the city acquired the property. 

“This is one of several pieces of property that we purchased that’s part of the annual tax-reverted property sale from the county. Most of them are residential properties, but occasionally we do get some vacant land and commercial property. It was previously an industrial facility at Groesbeck,” he said. 

Usually, the city sells the properties together, but this time, it will be different. 

“What we’ve done in the past is put them all out for a bid and sell all the properties together. In this case, we felt it was to the city’s best interest for a return on the investment for the tax dollars paid out that we would separate the property,” said Adkins. 

“This property has a higher likelihood of a reuse, and especially with Roseville being a redevelopment-ready community, we want to be able to reach out and cast a wider net for potential users that meet that zoning, because it is an industrial-zone property,” he said.

VanDamme said the Eastpointe-Roseville Chamber of Commerce has been helpful getting information out about the property. 

“They’ve been very helpful with this with their e-mail blasts that have over 200 members,” he said. 

Purchasers interested in the land must comply with various terms and bring the building up to code. 

The terms include that the buyer must repair or replace plumbing, mechanical, electrical and building components that are not in compliance with code, or else submit a letter from a licensed contractor that the components are safe and in working order. All of it must be finished within six months from the closing on the property. Other terms include getting all required permits within 45 days of closing and before starting repairs, that the sale is in as-is condition, and that the buyer will pay the summer taxes.

For more information about the industrial property, visit the city’s website at and look under “Bid Requests and Surplus,” or call Roseville City Hall at (586) 445-5440.