CIA gives out landscaping awards

By: Kristyne E. Demske | St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published October 12, 2011

 Sabby’s Lounge was highlighted as the top business from Eight Mile to 10 Mile Road along Harper.

Sabby’s Lounge was highlighted as the top business from Eight Mile to 10 Mile Road along Harper.

Photo by Kristyne E. Demske


Have you driven Harper Avenue this summer?

If so, shoppers likely noticed retailers and stores taking more care with their properties — or at least that’s what the Harper Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority hoped would happen when it began its first Landscape Improvement Awards contest this year.

Duane Michno said the Harper CIA began awarding businesses for their holiday light displays a few years ago.

“It was quite successful,” he said.

Because of its popularity, the CIA decided this year to do the same thing for the summer months, with awards given out based on curb appeal for properties in three sections of the corridor: from Eight Mile to 10 Mile, 10 Mile to 12 Mile, and 12 Mile to 14 Mile.

The idea was to encourage business owners to use shrubbery and flowers “to make Harper more beautiful,” Michno said. “Attract more businesses (to the avenue) as well as shoppers (and) keep St. Clair Shores looking sharp.”

The winner of the honorable mention award for the stretch from Eight Mile to 10 Mile Road was Caruso’s Hair Fashion, at 22112 Harper. Second place in that group went to Wood Master Kitchens at 24420 Harper, which Mayor Robert Hison pointed out has won awards in the past for its outdoor appeal.

“Wood Masters, again, is one of our outstanding showcases who have been winning in the past for beautification, but the effort is to keep it there,” he said.

The first-place winner in that group was Sabby’s Lounge, which was also honored with a business Beautification Award last month.

“These particular places are just the showcases and the examples,” Hison said at the Oct. 3 City Council meeting when the awards were presented. “More difficult is, there were so many more that we had in our whole list to actually select from.”

He predicts there will be more competition for the awards in the future.

From 10 Mile to 12 Mile Road, the honorable mention award went to Bagnasco Calcaterra Funeral Home at 25800 Harper, and second place went to Nino Salvaggio, at 27900 Harper. The top award winner in that stretch of Harper was Lakeland Manor, at 26211 Harper.

And at the northern end of the CIA, the honorable mention went to Masonic Arms Condominiums and second place was awarded to Val Mar Apartments at 30540 Harper. Hison said the landscaping at both residences improves the aesthetics of the corridor.

The top winner in that category was FME Federal Credit Union at 29624 Harper.

“It’s the doorstep to their business or their homes, and they are examples of what we want everybody to do,” Hison said.