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Charach Gallery opens new exhibit on human figure

By: Mike Koury | West Bloomfield Beacon | Published December 31, 2015

 A pop art piece by artist Slaw, who likes to focus some of his work with a mid-century modern look

A pop art piece by artist Slaw, who likes to focus some of his work with a mid-century modern look

Photo provided by Kelly Kaatz


WEST BLOOMFIELD — The Janice Charach Gallery will host a new exhibition beginning Sunday, Jan. 10, focusing on the human body and its figure.

The showcase, titled “Exploring the Figure,” features several artists and their interpretations of the human figure. The gallery is located within the Jewish Community Center for Metropolitan Detroit, 6600 W. Maple Road.

Gallery Director Kelly Kaatz said all the artists have different takes on figure, whether it’s two-dimensional, something cartoony or something completely different.

“We really wanted to have a broad range of figurative artists to kind of show what’s out there (and) what’s going on,” she said. “How are these figures represented by the artist that have pretty much honed their style?

“The show in itself is exploring the figure. To see how the figure is represented by the artist we invited into the show and kind of explore their take of the human figure.”

Kaatz said they’ve been wanting to do a show based on the figure for a long time and began planning this one several months ago. The show features paintings, photographs and drawings.

“Just from us knowing these artists in Detroit and from the areas, we just wanted to have a broad range of great artists that are doing different things with the human figure in different mediums,” she said.

One artist participating is John Hegarty, a former professor at Wayne State University who’s been an artist for more than 50 years. Some of Hegarty’s work is with colored pencil drawings, regular pencil, charcoal drawings and oil paintings.

“I consider the (human) figure probably the most beautiful thing ever created,” he said. “I don’t care how old it is or whatever.

“As you get older, I find it even more fascinating to look at, see and study … the evolution, the development of (the) body. How it changes.”

The exhibition runs Jan. 10-Feb. 18. The showcase will have a special opening reception 1-4 p.m. Jan. 10 that is free, and the artists will be in attendance.