The installation of this planted berm helped landscaping business R. Youngblood and Co. smooth over relations with neighbors of the business at 24 Mile and Shelby roads.

The installation of this planted berm helped landscaping business R. Youngblood and Co. smooth over relations with neighbors of the business at 24 Mile and Shelby roads.

Photo provided by Ryan Youngblood

Changes at Telly’s property ease neighbors’ past concerns

By: Kara Szymanski | Shelby - Utica News | Published January 27, 2021


SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Shelby Township residents a little over a year ago had voiced concerns after noticing that an agriculturally zoned business had begun hosting large machines and new structures on its land and operating a landscaping company out of its property for over a year.

Telly’s Greenhouse on 24 Mile Road, near Shelby Road, had been sharing some of its property with a landscaping business called R. Youngblood and Co. Residential properties surround the Telly’s property.

A pole barn was constructed close to residents’ properties, and while neighbors were aware that flowers, shrubs and trees would be grown, as the land is zoned agricultural, but they did not expect a landscape business with noise and heavy equipment running much of the time.

Ryan Youngblood, the owner of R. Youngblood and Co., in January 2020 requested the Shelby Township Zoning Board of Appeals to allow the business to continue to operate out of the Telly’s Greenhouse property for one year.

Residents were worried about the disruption continuing and the township approving the changes at Telly’s. Many of the residents had lived in their homes for more than 30 years.

Julie Misich, the planning director for Shelby Township, said that the previous business that was located where Telly’s is now had a landscaping company running out of the location.

The Shelby Township Zoning Board of Appeals approved the request presented by the landscaping company that allowed it to continue to operate out of the Telly’s Greenhouse property for one year, until Jan. 31, 2021.

Youngblood said he has since worked with residents to fix the issues that they were concerned about.

He stated that he had spoken with the Shelby Township residents who were most affected and developed a plan that the residents were satisfied with. Youngblood said that George Papadelis, the owner of Telly’s, had signed an agreement that included relocating a mulch pile.

“When we initially moved into Telly’s, the owner of Telly’s was in the middle of a large expansion project. As a result, the neighbors, respectfully so, were not able to separate the noise and working hours being created by the expansions verses my company. Once these expansions were completed, the neighbors at that point were able to experience the reality of my operation. Additionally, the berm has eliminated all light nuisances, as well,” he said via email.

Planting a berm with trees to shield the neighbors from the business was key.

“The perception from the Shelby (Township) neighbors have been positively altered. Their concerns have been addressed, a berm with privacy trees have been planted and the neighbors have been able to conclude that our operation truly is not a nuisance as they initially predicted,” said Youngblood.

Now, Youngblood said, he will be relocating his company to Rochester Hills, where he is purchasing a property.

“As a result of the zoning changes, I am currently trying to purchase property for my landscape business. We have received two extensions from the Township to allow us more time to purchase property for our permanent location. Both extensions have been granted as a result of the city receiving positive updates from the neighbors and, again, our professional approach to resolving all earlier concerns and incorrect first perceptions,” he said.

Robert Marks, who has lived at his home for three years, was one of the main neighbors who had been concerned.

“Ryan Youngblood has been a crucial part in fixing the issues that we had and has made every attempt in making things better for our community,” said Marks via email.

Misich said that all concerns that the neighbors had previously about the Telly’s property and the landscaping company have been resolved.

“Mr. Youngblood was approved to continue to operate his business on a temporary basis from the Telly’s site until the end of this year (Jan. 31). When he made the first request to operate his business from this site, the Zoning Board of Appeals approved the temporary use with conditions. Mr. Youngblood has complied with every one of those conditions and further personally reached out to the neighbors to address their concerns. From my understanding at this time, we have no complaints or violations with Mr. Youngblood’s business operations from the Telly’s Greenhouse location,” said Misich in an email.