Center Line upgrades logo, cyber brand

By: Brian Louwers | Warren Weekly | Published February 8, 2019


CENTER LINE — Center Line has rolled out a new logo and retooled its online portals in an attempt to lure development, showcase its perceived strengths and inspire new families to take up roots in the city.

“It is probably 80 percent up to snuff. There are some pages that still need construction. As you can probably see from your viewing of it, it is a far more user-friendly website,” Center Line City Manager Dennis Champine said. “We’re introducing a new logo for the city. You’ll start seeing those logos on vehicles and so forth in the next few months.

“It’s all part of the marketing and public relations campaign to bring more attention to our city and hopefully spur some new economic development in our downtown district,” Champine said.

The city’s website design was created by the company CivicPlus. The new logo was designed by Nancy Barr, Center Line’s DDA marketing and technology clerk.

Barr said she started with the city’s previous logo and wanted to create something familiar, yet more reflective of its core message.

“I incorporated it into the circle and I used more modern elements with a tree,” Barr said.

One side of the design features a family with a dog. On the other side of the tree, there are cyclers young and old. The words “Family, Community, Business, History” are found atop the new logo.

“We felt that the tree symbolized roots, and community and development. The bicycling, we’re trying to incorporate that into the city — that it’s a walkable, bikeable city,” Barr said. “We’re just trying to bring all the elements of the city into one place, so that it’s a snapshot of Center Line.”

Individual Facebook pages now exist from the city, its Public Safety Department, public library, Parks and Recreation Department and Downtown Development Authority. There are also separate pages for the Center Line K9 Foundation, the Center Line Independence Festival and the Center Line Cyclers group.

Champine said enhancements to the city’s website will soon include online forms. There is also an alert system.

“Residents can sign up with email or texts and cellphones. They will receive alerts on various different things going on in the city, whether it’s parks and rec programs or snow alert announcements,” Champine said.