Center Line plans more than $700,000 in road work

By: Brian Louwers | Warren Weekly | Published November 19, 2020


CENTER LINE — Center Line residents will see orange barrels until the ground freezes this winter, and they’ll return as soon as it thaws in the spring.

City Manager Dennis Champine said crews began taking on 2020’s last round of neighborhood road repair projects on Nov. 14. He said work would continue as long as weather permits at a total cost of $200,000. Residents should expect to see some road closures and the need for caution is, of course, required in construction zones.

“I think we have about 40 locations throughout the city that are being done. Most of them are residential,” Champine said.

Funding for those repairs came from local and major road money made available through the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Act 51. Additional work next spring will be offset by a $250,000 Transportation Economic Development Fund Category B grant through MDOT.

“(The grant) is geared towards smaller communities,” Champine said. “In the spring, we’re going to be doing another $509,000 in additional road repairs.”

He said the city of Center Line would bring matching funds greater than 50% of the total cost, in the amount of $259,000.

“Both of these are citywide. Ninety percent of the repairs are in residential neighborhoods,” Champine said. “They’re out there busting up cement as we speak.”

He said the city’s northwest quadrant will be one area of focus. Expect work on Liberal Street, Lawrence Avenue, Bernice Street and other areas.

On the distant horizon, Champine said preliminary discussions with the county point to a potential complete redesign and reconstruction of 10 Mile Road in 2024.

“Our taxpayers pay a lot in taxes, and we’re going to make sure their streets are nice,” Champine said.