CDBG funds include allotment for Kelly Road improvements

By: April Lehmbeck | Advertiser Times | Published February 26, 2015

HARPER WOODS — After investing in lighting upgrades along Kelly last year, the city is looking toward its next steps to improve Kelly and implement some changes aimed at crime prevention.

The City Council passed the Community Development Block Grant program allocations during its Feb. 18 meeting. One area that is included in the funding is street improvements to Kelly Road, including crime prevention through environmental design, according to city information.

The city has $45,000 set aside for Kelly Road in the CDBG funding, but city leaders have not decided the specific work that will be accomplished with that funding.

The funding can be used for things like lighting, traffic diversion and cameras.

A council member and resident at the meeting asked about the possibility of cameras.

“Kelly Road is still such a major problem,” Council member Veronica Kindle said. “I would love to have some kind of surveillance (cameras) along Kelly Road.”

Yet, that doesn’t seem possible with this funding.

“It’s not really enough money to do cameras for that area,” City Manager Randolph Skotarczyk said.

The city has been looking forward to forging ahead with its “Living Streets Project,” a program that will do things like use culs-de-sac to deter crime and bring about other changes aimed at making the community “more livable, enjoyable and safe.”

The city has the conceptual drawings and plans, but it needs other work such as an engineering study.

“It’s a pretty complex process,” Skotarczyk said.

“We’ll try and get the best use out of the money,” he said.

The city’s total CDBG funding for 2015 is $85,500. Other programs that will receive money are housing rehabilitation and Pointe Area Assisted Transit.