Candle starts kitchen fire in St. Clair Shores

By: Kristyne E. Demske | St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published June 26, 2018

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A fire can start in an instant, as a resident was reminded the afternoon of June 25.

St. Clair Shores Fire Marshal M. Bodnar said that firefighters were called to the 21000 block of Lange Street just after 1 p.m. June 25 for a house fire that began in the kitchen.

“He was cooking and he needed an ingredient and he left to go to the store,” Bodnar said.

When the resident returned after a brief period of time, he discovered that a fire had begun in the kitchen. No one else was in the home at the time.

The fire appeared to have started from a lit candle in the kitchen.

“He had the window open in the kitchen. He had a candle going and we got wind ... coming in from the north-northeast, anywhere from 10-12 miles per hour,” Bodnar explained.

Firefighters arrived and found smoke coming out of the kitchen window and fire in the kitchen. They were able to extinguish the fire, but the kitchen is damaged and the house has smoke damage throughout.

Bodnar called on residents to use common sense and to never leave candles or cooking unattended.

“It can happen in a brief instant,” she said of fires.

No one was injured and the house did have working smoke detectors.