Board to choose new officers

By: April Lehmbeck | Grosse Pointe Times | Published January 2, 2013

GROSSE POINTES — A month before the Grosse Pointe Public School System Board of Education will cast votes on new leaders, board members stepped up to be considered or simply stated their desire to serve in any capacity that the board sees fit.

At the Dec. 17 meeting, when the board was reviewing the agenda items for the Jan. 28 board meeting, they discussed the organizational items that will appear on the agenda. One of those is the administration of the oath of office to Trustee Cindy Pangborn and President Judy Gafa, who were re-elected to the board during November’s election.

The other item is electing the board officers, and some current trustees have tossed their names in the hat for consideration of a top post. This comes a year after there was some contention about the board choosing newly elected board members to the officer positions.

“I would accept an office, should my fellow board members wish to elect me,” Trustee Joan Dindoffer said. “I’ve been on the board for 15 years. I’ve been elected to this board four times. I have a legal and banking career spanning 35 years.

“I am the only board member who has been certified as a board member by the (Michigan Association of School Boards),” she said. “I would hope that those skills would be beneficial to the board and the community, so I would very much like to be president.”

Each board member had a chance to express interest in positions that will be decided at the January meeting.

“I’ve enjoyed serving as secretary, and I would serve at the pleasure of my fellow board members,” Secretary Daniel Roeske said.

Treasurer Brendan Walsh, Vice President Lois Valente and President Judy Gafa said they would serve in whatever capacity the board decides.

Trustees Cindy Pangborn and Tom Jakubiec were looking for opportunities to serve on committees, not necessarily service as board officers.

“While I would serve in a position if asked, I would really like to be put on committees. I was not appointed to any committees this year and we have board members serving in many capacities, not only as officers, but in committees,” Pangborn said. “I think that should be discussed and board members should be asked if there are committees that they would like to serve on.”

She also wanted to see board members chosen as liaisons to other committees in the district, so they could relay information when needed.

Jakubiec said he also wasn’t appointed to committees last year, and that he didn’t see an officer position for him at the table at this time.

“I also understand that my perception of the current dynamics of the board really best suit me for a trustee position,” he said.