Board awards water service contract to local business

By: Joshua Gordon | Shelby - Utica News | Published May 7, 2018

SHELBY TOWNSHIP — The Shelby Township Board of Trustees approved continuing with the same contractor for the township’s water service needs despite the company’s bid not being the lowest.

Dave Miller, director of the Shelby Township Department of Public Works, said Shelby Underground has been awarded the water service installation and system repair contract for 16 out of the last 18 years. The familiarity with the township’s infrastructure and being a local company were why Miller said he suggested that the board go with Shelby Underground again.

“I think this is the best option for our township,” Miller said. “First of all, they have a local yard and are a local Shelby Township business, so if we have an emergency, they have a quick response here.

“Secondly, they are very familiar with our infrastructure and have a great knowledge of the water mains of the system here.”

Shelby Underground is located on 24 Mile Road just west of Schoenherr Road. The company’s bid for the two-year contract that runs from May 1 through April 30, 2020, was for $152,801.

The low bid came from Superior Excavating, which is based in Auburn Hills. Its bid was for $150,410.

With the difference being about 1.6 percent, Miller said the difference between Shelby Underground and Superior Excavating wasn’t significant enough to not go with the local company that has been doing the work for 16 years.

Main Street Contracting Inc., based out of Wayne, also submitted a bid for just over $430,000. The sealed bids were opened March 28, and the bid from Shelby Underground was approved unanimously by the board.

Miller said Shelby Underground will be tasked with making water taps for new construction, which involves both homes and businesses. It will also do the repairs to the water mains and service the system as needed.

Shelby Township Supervisor Richard Stathakis, in putting forth Miller’s recommendation, echoed the DPW director’s opinion on why Shelby Underground is the best option for the community.

“(Shelby Underground) has held this contract for 16 of the last 18 years,” Stathakis said. “They have a knowledge of the township’s infrastructure, as well as the fact that their storage yard is located in the township, makes this the best choice.”