Eisenhower Dance, a Southfield-based dance studio, will bring its show titled “FEEL” to the Berman Center for the Performing Arts Feb. 10.

Eisenhower Dance, a Southfield-based dance studio, will bring its show titled “FEEL” to the Berman Center for the Performing Arts Feb. 10.

Photo provided by Eisenhower Dance

Berman audiences to ‘FEEL’ the dance

By: Maddie Forshee | C&G Newspapers | Published January 26, 2018

WEST BLOOMFIELD — Eisenhower Dance, a local dance company from Southfield, will continue its season with a performance titled “FEEL” at the Berman Center for the Performing Arts Feb. 10. 

“(Eisenhower) performed in the first season the Berman was open seven years ago,” said Elaine Hendriks-Smith, senior director of the Berman. 

Eisenhower worked with local restaurant Prime 29 in West Bloomfield to create a dinner and dance package for the show. 

“We like to partner with local businesses for dinner and a show,” said Hendriks-Smith. “We’re very excited Eisenhower has (put this together). It’s all good things working together. We’re hoping in the future to do it more.”

“FEEL” will give the audience a whole range of emotions throughout the evening. The performance touches on a variety of emotions and relationships, from happiness to heartache. 

“(We) just thought it would be fun to do something based on human emotion and our need to be connected as humans,” said Stephanie Pizzo, artistic director with Eisenhower Dance. She said the show “touches on emotions from a relationship of love and romance … (to) relationships (that are) more family based.” 

Eisenhower Dance worked with recently retired founder Laurie Eisenhower to choreograph new and returning works for the performance. She returned to the dance studio to perform a work titled “Love, Love, Love,” as well as new works. 

“(The show is) built around relationships and human connection and how it affects us daily,” said Pizzo. “You don’t know when someone is going to come into your life and change it drastically.” 

Eisenhower Dance also worked with Joshua Manculich, from the DanceWork Chicago studio, to choreograph the rest of the show. 

“I’m looking forward to getting out into the community more and connecting with the city of Detroit, as well as the surrounding areas,” said Pizzo. “We’re excited to reach out to the community to collaborate. We’re really trying to focus on artists in the Detroit metro area.”

Hendriks-Smith said she looks forward to teaming up to work with Eisenhower more in the future. 

“I’m really excited. I’m looking forward to the show,” she said. “I’m happy that Laurie’s company is in such good hands.” 

“FEEL” will be performed  at 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 10, at the Berman Center, located at 6600 W. Maple Road in West Bloomfield. 

Tickets can be bought at www.theberman.org and range from $25 to $31. Dinner plus performance package tickets cost $60 per person and can be purchased at www.eisenhowerdance.org.