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Berkley soon to apply spray patch to potholes in city

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published July 9, 2019


BERKLEY — Berkley soon will be going around the city to fix patches of distressed pavement after approving a contract at the last City Council meeting.

The council approved the contract at its July 1 meeting, awarding it to SJR Pavement Repair Inc. for a price not to exceed $110,000. The estimated total project cost is $113,500, which includes engineering.

The construction work is part of the city’s 2019-20 pavement maintenance program. SJR Pavement will be applying spray patch, which is a hot emulsion product consisting of bituminous cement and aggregate used for spot repairs, on distressed pavement around Berkley.

Director of Public Works Derrick Schueller told the Woodward Talk that the city hasn’t pinpointed where in Berkley the spray patch will be placed, but it will be using the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating, or PASER, road rankings to help determine which streets need the most help.

He does expect dozens of streets in the city to get the spray patch.

“We just recently completed the PASER road rankings, and we will be analyzing that map, which basically scored the streets,” Schueller said. “We’ll be using that map as a starting point to determine the locations.”

Schueller said at the meeting that the city has been utilizing this type of spray patch during the last five years and has found it to be a long-lasting product, and it has performed much better than cold patch applications.

The public works director also said that the spray patching will be done in two phases: one phase this summer and another next spring.

“I like to do another phase after the freeze-thaw and the weather conditions to button things up right after the winter months as well,” he said.

“Many of our asphalt overlay streets are in need of this product, so we’re looking forward to helping those streets out a little bit,” Schueller continued.

Edward Zmich, project manager at Hubbell, Roth & Clark Inc., said other work that SJR has completed in Berkley over the last couple of years was done well. He also described how the spray patch works in its application to the distressed pavement.

“What you’re actually doing is, if you have a pothole, it’s not just a matter of throwing in cold patch and running away,” he said. “These guys actually clean out the hole … blast it out, you put in a nice, hot mix asphalt, which we will do a design mix review for, and then they roll it, and then they clean up any fragments that may have come away … during the rolling process. So it’s a cleaner and neater process, and it lasts a lot longer than a typical cold patch”

Councilman Jack Blanchard said it’s been a wise decision to go with the spray patch.

“A couple of spots in the city that I watch all the time ... have been spray patched, and it’s just amazing how well they’re holding up,” he said.