Author seeks historical photos for book on Macomb Township

By: Alex Szwarc | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published November 5, 2019

 Linda Osborne-Cynowa is in the early stages of publishing a book on Macomb Township’s history. She’s looking to utilize historical photos anyone from the public may have.

Linda Osborne-Cynowa is in the early stages of publishing a book on Macomb Township’s history. She’s looking to utilize historical photos anyone from the public may have.

Photo provided by Linda Osborne-Cynowa


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Preserving local history.

That was the goal of an old photo scanning event Oct. 25 at Macomb Township Town Hall, hosted by the Macomb Township Historical Commission.

Although the scanning didn’t go as planned, with a lack of public participation, author Linda Osborne-Cynowa remains hopeful that folks will take part in her goal of publishing a book on Macomb Township’s history.

“If we get the images out of the attics and into the hands of the archivists who will protect them, then hopefully they will then be around for the next generations to see how that area grew,” she said. “Too many children get rid if these items when their parents pass away, not always seeing the value in keeping them.”

Osborne-Cynowa, of Washington Township, is researching a book on the township’s history and was looking to use old photos. She formerly lived in Macomb Township for 27 years.

An archivist from the Romeo Kezar Branch Library will assist with scanning photos. Osborne-Cynowa is looking to gather old photos of people, places or events in Macomb Township.

This isn’t the first time Osborne-Cynowa has embarked on writing a book on Macomb County history. In September, she published a local history book about Washington Township with over 200 photos.

“This is a wonderful way to preserve our local history,” she said.

Participants will receive their original photo back, and a digital copy as well.

Historical Commission President Peggy Accardo, who’s been president since 2013, said the commission is assisting Osborne-Cynowa with the book.

“This is the first time we’re working with an author on a project like this,” she said.

Osborne-Cynowa is working with Arcadia Publishing, which produces neighborhood, local and regional history of the United States in pictorial form. The plan is for the finished product to be a 128-page photographic book.

“You put in a paragraph about each picture,” she said. “It’s for people who don’t want to sit down and read a whole book about Macomb Township. Instead, they can sit down and look at old photos to see what used to be around, the way the township used to be before we forgot what it was like.”

Her research can’t get started until pictures are in place.

“I’ve always had an interest in history as far back as I can imagine,” Osborne-Cynowa she said. “I started out thinking why there wasn’t an Arcadia book for Washington Township, and the response was, ‘Why haven’t you written it?’”

She said Arcadia books are written by everyday people with determination and a love of history.

Osborne-Cynowa said the historical commission is 100% on board with the project.

The most important aspect of the project is finding photographs that will appeal to readers and digging up the information to accompany it.

Accardo said the older the photos are, the better.

“We want to go back as far as we can,” she said. “If anyone is in possession of anything very, very old, like from the Civil War, that would be good.”

To send Osborne-Cynowa old photos of Macomb Township, email