Author’s book explores surpassing mediocrity

By: Eric Czarnik | West Bloomfield Beacon | Published May 31, 2012

WEST BLOOMFIELD — He may have not climbed a mountain, but West Bloomfield author Todd Brockdorf said he has attained the wisdom necessary to succeed in a society and economy that has become mired in mediocrity.

Brockdorf, 35, released his first book, “Better Than Average: Excelling in a Mediocre World,” in May on Upon its release, he said, the book hit No. 1 among hot new releases in business motivation and self-improvement.

As a speaker and consultant with a sales engineer background, Brockdorf said his inspiration for the book dawned on him one day while at work.

“I was smelling the burnt popcorn in the office and listening to the cacophony of co-workers,” he explained. “There needs to be a way to stand out from the crowds. There needs to be a way to be different.”

Brockdorf explained that many people follow a safe, predictable life script of going to college, graduating and obtaining steady employment. However, loyalty between companies and employees has trended downward in recent years, so a new type of thinking is necessary to succeed, he said.

“Better Than Average” lists an eight-step process for honing one’s inner excellence, and Brockdorf lays out his research of leaders and companies that realize that “it does not have to be grand to be glorious.”

“These people, these companies, these leaders don’t have to do something extraordinary,” he said. “They just have to do small changes. They have to be unique.”

He explained that winners match their personal strengths to their industries’ best practices.

“Right here in Detroit, Quicken Loans is one company in the way that they treat their employees,” he said. “Basically, they walk the talk. They talk about how their team members, everybody, is on the same team.”

Brockdorf said people from around the globe have inquired about his book, and the momentum continues. He also said the knowledge from the book has made an impact on his own life.

“It’s helped me to become better focused; it’s helped me to win deals,” he said. “And it’s helped me to execute new daily practices that have changed my habits.”

Scott Ginsberg, the Brooklyn author of “Winking in the Dark,” said he met Brockdorf at a national speaker’s association meeting in 2003.

Ginsberg said he has read just about every personal development book out there, but he was excited to read “Better Than Average” because its themes and viewpoint are relatable.

“You get a guy like Todd who’s not average, but he didn’t climb Mount Everest,” Ginsberg said. “He’s not a movie star, but he’s done all this stuff.”

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