All-night party tradition continues at WWT

By: Maria Allard | Warren Weekly | Published June 8, 2012

 Warren Woods Tower High School Class of 2012 seniors participate in a race in the gym during the all-night party June 4.

Warren Woods Tower High School Class of 2012 seniors participate in a race in the gym during the all-night party June 4.

Photo by Patricia O’Blenes


WARREN — Eighteen-year-old Maria Rossi was out of breath.

She had just finished attempting a Velcro obstacle course before heading over to race through an inflatable track inside the Warren Woods Tower High School gym.

It was one of many highlights Rossi and her classmates enjoyed during the Class of 2012’s all-night party, held after graduation commencements June 4.

The annual all-night party, which many districts hold, is a chance for the graduating seniors to be together one last time before the school year’s end. The parent supervised party also is designed to act as a deterrent for kids to go out drinking to celebrate graduation. Attending the party is optional.

“It’s a good time to spend with the senior class,” Rossi said. “Every year the parents put it on.”

This year’s theme centered on board games with a variety of activities and interactive games set up throughout the school, including Candyland, Go Fish/Ducks, Rock’em Sock’em Robots, a pony derby and Pretty Pretty Princess. There was music, a chance for a caricature drawing, dodge ball, a 3-D simulator, tarot and much more. Life size replicas of Life, Monopoly, Twister and other games decorated the hallways, and food was available.

Rossi’s four years at WWT flew by “so fast.” She was on the basketball team freshman year. In 10th-grade, she was involved in the Spanish Club and student council. The following year, Rossi joined the tennis team, and during her junior and senior years, she was a member of the school’s Renaissance Club. She also served as class vice president this year.

Although she’s “going to miss everyone,” she said she is “excited” for the future. Plans include attending Macomb Community College and transferring to Oakland University to study education and psychology.

Seventeen-year-old Patrick Blackburn and Chris Psotka, 18, also tried out the inflatable obstacle course.

“It was fun. Kind of challenging,” Blackburn said. “The vest didn’t help at all.”

Blackburn decided at the last minute to attend the party.

“I heard everyone was going,” he said.

“It’s awesome,” Psotka said. “It’s a lot of fun, so why not go? We’ve got a great parent staff that put it together.”

Psotka felt “emotional” knowing it was the end of his high school years. He was in the band four years and in choir one year. He plans to attend MCC for culinary arts.

Early in the evening, India Willis, 17, Alisha Evans, 17, and Brenda Burton, 18, had caricatures made.

“I’m happy, but a little sad,” Willis said about graduation. “I feel like an adult, but I’m still a kid. It’s mixed emotions.”

“It’s like a new beginning,” Evans said. “Starting college will be like starting high school all over again.”

“I’m not going to see 80 percent of these people anymore,” Burton said.

All three have plans to study nursing at Baker College.

“My auntie had breast cancer,” said Evans, adding she is doing well. “I want to do research and help people that are sick.”

Willis attended the all-night party “just to be with these rugrats one last time.”

Frank Arnoni was one of many parents who chaperoned. All volunteers wore orange shirts that, on the back, read, “Life is the game that must be played Go!” The all-night party was a new experience for the father of three.

“It’s my son’s last year, and they needed a helping hand,” said Arnoni, adding the evening was going “great.”

“They’re real good kids,” he said. “They need to burn off steam.”

The all-night party committee included chairpersons Andy Howard and Sue Gatt, Joe Gatt, Lucy Rossi, Julie Kreinbring, Elaine Gluock, Mickey Soloway, Shelly Golden and Ron Tokarz.