Alexie trial adjourned until March

By: Kevin Bunch | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published January 20, 2016

MOUNT CLEMENS — The trial of Angela Alexie, who faces charges of first-degree child abuse and first-degree murder following the death of her newborn son in December 2014, has been postponed until March 1.

Her trial was set to begin Jan. 12, but it was delayed due to scheduling conflicts. Additionally, Alexie has a Walker hearing and competency hearing scheduled for Feb. 9. A Walker hearing regards the possibility of disallowing a defendant’s possibly incriminating statements based on the circumstances around the defendant making the statements in the first place.

A competency hearing had already taken place in October and ended with a decision to move forward to trial. Another competency hearing was scheduled for Jan. 12, at the same time as the trial.

Alexie’s attorney, Steven Kaplan, could not be reached for comment by press time.

Alexie allegedly told police that she had given birth on Dec. 22, 2014, in the garage at a house she shared with roommates in Eastpointe;

Alexie allegedly did not want her roommates to know that she had been pregnant or had given birth and tried to hide it. Allegedly, the baby was then wrapped in a towel and kept on a couch cushion in the garage, which was unheated and had an open window space.

“She said she went out every two or three hours (to try and feed the baby), and at night she’d go in the house and go to sleep,” Roseville Police Detective Brad McKenzie testified at her preliminary exam in February 2015. “She indicated she never brought the child inside, and it remained in the garage the entire time.”

McKenzie then testified that the infant died Dec. 24, and he added that Alexie allegedly told police that she wanted to bury him in her parents’ yard in January. She then allegedly put the body in a plastic bag near the garbage and noticed the bag was gone a week later. The body was found in January at the Re Community Recycling Center in Roseville.

The Roseville Police Department gave the baby a funeral March 11. The department also named him Henry Alexander Macomb, and he was buried at Resurrection Cemetery in Clinton Township.

“It’s nice to see the community come together for a baby that didn’t have any family, to now have the support from an outside family,” Police Detective Raymond Blarek said in March.