Props and items were sorted through recently in preparation for the garage sale.

Props and items were sorted through recently in preparation for the garage sale.

Photo provided by Maggie Gilkes

Acting troupe’s garage sale to offload surplus props, furniture

By: Sherri Kolade | Farmington Press | Published May 29, 2018


FARMINGTON HILLS — They even brought the kitchen sink.

Through the Farmington Players’ garage sale this weekend, people can buy almost anything they’ve seen onstage during the group’s theatrical productions, from stage lighting to old-school phones.

“We even have a kitchen sink. I mean, come on,” Players member Maggie Gilkes said of the overflow of items.

The Farmington Players Garage Sale is a public event that will be held 8 a.m.-2 p.m. June 2 at the Farmington Players Barn Theater, 32332 W. 12 Mile Road.

Players member and Redford resident Laurel Stroud, part of the troupe for 15 years, said she is a prop committee chair, and after a few years in that role, she realized something.

“We are overflowing,” Stroud said of props. “I had the idea for a garage sale, and other people loved it — they also wanted to clean out,” she said.

A play production uses “all kinds of things” to ensure the set matches the director’s vision, Stroud said. “So we collect all that stuff; we use it for a play, and we may or may not ever use it again.”

Stroud said all kinds of housewares — such as glasses, candlesticks, plates and more — have accumulated over the years. 

She said she “can’t count” the number of phones they have from all different decades.

“We have some from the ’70s, some from the ’80s … some vintage-y type things that people might think are interesting too,” Stroud said.

“If we don’t think we are going to use it again, and if it is something that we can replace, then we are probably going to try and sell it,” she said.

Gilkes is helping to organize the sale, and she said that in her 30 years of being part of the Farmington Players, they’ve never had a garage sale. But now they can rid themselves of excess furniture, costumes and more to make room.

“We have definitely run out of room,” she said, adding that they don’t want to rent a storage facility. “We are storing things off-site for some pieces, but need to pare down and make space in our theater again.”

Gilkes said the Players store items in a loft behind the stage, where they keep a lot of the furniture, and in the orchestra pit area, where they keep various props and knickknacks.

A Players member owns a business in Farmington, where they store some other furniture, she said.

Gilkes said the Players probably have 300 pieces of furniture alone.

“We’re talking pictures and chairs and couches … tables and all sorts of things,” she said, adding that the items are all from different eras. “If someone came to see a show and they saw something they really liked, we might be selling that to them.”

She said the Players recently finished a production of “Into the Woods,” set with a fairy tale backdrop and focusing on a childless couple who meet storybook characters. Items from that show might be available for garage sale customers to take home.

“Some things I’m going to guess are more than 30 years old in there, if not older,” she said. “The Farmington Players has been around since 1953.”

She said the garage sale prices could range from under $1 up to $100 or so.

“We’re hoping to have a great day and see some neighbors and clear out and make a little money for the Barn, and we’re hoping that people come by,” Stroud said.