25 Mile Road bridge shut down

May take at least a year before fixed

By: Thomas Franz | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published April 5, 2017


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Macomb Township residents who use 25 Mile Road between Card and Foss roads have recently had to adjust their driving routes and will potentially have to continue to do so for more than a year.

A bridge on 25 Mile Road in that stretch was shut down to traffic March 24, due to deterioration to the point of it being deemed unsafe to support traffic.

Scott Wanaget, a project engineer and bridge specialist with the Macomb County Department of Roads, said the bridge had been under close supervision for the past two years.

“All of our bridges are on a bi-annual inspection schedule. That one, we changed the frequency to about every six months about two years ago because we noticed the deterioration, and we wanted to keep a closer eye on it,” Wanaget said. “We’ve been inspecting it over that time, and it’s been slowly losing capacity as far as what it can safely carry.”

Macomb Township engineer Jim VanTiflin said the bridge closure came as a surprise to him.

“There was no discussion with the county that I’ve had for concerns with that bridge, but these things do happen,” VanTiflin said. “I’ve been around other communities where somebody does an inspection, and the inspections up until that point are just fine, and then something occurs that, for the public’s safety, traffic has to be kept off the bridge.”

Wanaget said that the department of roads typically tries to fund bridge projects with state and federal funds on an annual basis. The bridge was turned away for funding last year, but the county will again try to apply for funding this spring.

“Because of the general statewide need, it did not get selected as one of the bridges across the state to distribute funds to. It is being applied for again this year. They usually take applications in May and then we usually find the results of those in November. The fact that it’s now a closed structure will usually kind of bode well for it as far as getting funded for replacement,” Wanaget said.

Wanaget added that once the county learns if it will receive funding in November, they will then begin their survey and design work of the bridge that winter to have plans and a bid package ready for the spring in order for construction to begin in the summer.

“It will be at least a year before they could conceivably do anything with it,” Wanaget said.

Macomb Township’s website has posted detours to get around the bridge. Drivers on the west side of the bridge are encouraged to use Foss Road south or Broughton Road north. Drivers east of the bridge are urged to use Card Road or North Avenue to reach 26 Mile Road.