2015 was a big year for development in Shelby Township

By: Sarah Wojcik | Shelby - Utica News | Published April 20, 2016


SHELBY TOWNSHIP — At an April 5 Board of Trustees meeting, Planner Glenn Wynn presented a comprehensive overview of the Planning and Zoning Department’s activity in 2015.

“It was indeed a busy year for our department, and we were probably involved with more projects than I can remember in my 19 years here at the township,” Wynn said.

In 2015, Wynn said his department processed 384 applications, including 54 site plans, which he said take the most time and effort and represent significant development activity.

“That’s more site plans than we’ve had since 2005, a 10-year period,” he said. “The new site plans accounted for 435,000 square feet of new industrial buildings, 304,000 square feet of retail space and 507 residents’ units, so that was a pretty substantial amount of development.”

Compared to 2014, Shelby Township in 2015 had a 23 percent increase in site plans, a 38 percent increase in Zoning Board of Appeals variance cases, a 4 percent decrease in signs, a 17 percent decrease in tree permits and a 30 percent decrease in rezoning cases.

Other activities that the department was involved in last year included the 2016 master plan, a business development reception, an update of the retail vacancy inventory, a residential guidebook to help prospective residents find new homes or apartments, the proposed downtown development authority plan, a business spotlight program on Shelby TV, a blight task force initiative, the community development block grant program, and the capital improvement plan, Wynn said.

He said the department is in the process of preparing approximately 20 different zoning amendments, which it hopes to have ready by the end of the year.

“The report is much better this year because I had a lot of assistance from (Associate Urban Planner and Economic Development Coordinator) Jordan (Greenman) and (administrative secretary Julijana Misich),” Wynn said. “They made my job a lot easier.”

The Board of Trustees voted unanimously to accept the Planning and Zoning Department’s annual report.

Trustee Paula Filar praised the efforts of the department.

“I would just like to commend the planner and staff,” Filar said. “This is an extremely proactive report, which shows a lot of proactivity in your department in 2015.”

For more information, call the Planning and Zoning Department at (586) 726-7243.