‘Don’t hide, go outside’

Stan the Fireman promotes fire safety

By: Maria Allard | Warren Weekly | Published November 4, 2015

 Stan the Fireman visits St. Anne Catholic School’s preschool Oct. 27 in Warren to talk about fire safety.

Stan the Fireman visits St. Anne Catholic School’s preschool Oct. 27 in Warren to talk about fire safety.

Photo by Deb Jacques


WARREN — Throughout the month of October, St. Anne Catholic School preschool teacher Rhana Dabish finds different ways to teach students about fire safety.

“We implement our fire safety issues in various ways to make sure we reach out to each child,” Dabish said.

On Oct. 27, staff and students welcomed Stan the Fireman, who presented a home fire safety presentation that included magic tricks, humor, a ride in his mini fire truck and several important lessons. Stan the Fireman has been presenting his program at St. Anne for five years.

“I love that he makes it fun for the children,” Dabish said. “The children really learn the importance of having (firefighters) be their friends.”

During his visit, Stan the Fireman advised the students not to hide from a fire if it occurs in the house.

“Not under your bed, not in your closet, not in the basement,” he said. “Don’t hide, go outside.”

He encouraged the St. Anne students to talk with their parents to determine a safe place to meet outside during a fire.

“There’s a big pine tree in our front yard,” Stan said. “That’s our safe meeting place.”

The students also should practice an evacuation plan. It’s also important to feel your bedroom door during a fire.

“Check your door. If it’s hot, keep it closed,” Stan said. “If it’s cool, you can open it.”

He told the students that heat rises during a fire, and that it’s important to stay close to the ground when evacuating the home.

“Crawl right down the hall and go outside to your safe meeting place,” Stan said. “Never try to put out a fire yourself. Yell ‘fire’ and run outside to your safe meeting place.”

Stan also taught the students the “stop, drop and roll” method if they themselves catch on fire.

“Lay on the floor and cover your face,” the fireman said. “Roll around and squish out the fire.”

If they see a lighter on the ground, Stan the Fireman encouraged the students not to pick it up. Instead, tell an adult. They also learned that firefighters are there to help them.

“If you see a fire, you dial 911 and your best friends will come,” Stan said. “Firefighters are there to help you.”

He explained that firefighters also provide services for medical issues and car accidents. In another effort to stress fire safety, the fireman shared with the students an experience he had as a young child.

“This is kind of a sad story. When I was 4, every morning I made my bed and brushed my teeth at night,” he said.

His mother was always reminding him not to play with the pots and pans on the stove. One day, however, he disobeyed her.

“I went in the kitchen by myself and touched a pan,” he told the children. “It was so hot. It burned me so hard I still have a scar on my fingers today. My mom put cold water on it and ointment.

“Kids should never play in the kitchen or touch pans,” Stan the Fireman said. “The toaster can burn you. Hot water can burn you. Light bulbs can be hot. Never, ever play with the barbecue grill. Never play by candles.”

The visit ended when Stan the Fireman took the students in groups for a ride on his miniature fire truck.

“God bless you,” Dabish told the firefighter. “Thank you for remembering us every year.”

Stan the Fireman presents his fire safety program at parties, church events, company picnics, schools and more from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula down to Tennessee. For more information on Stan the Fireman, call (810) 765-6441 or visit www.stanthefireman.com.