Looking Back: Frozen houseboat

Mount Clemens - Clinton - Harrison Journal | Published January 25, 2018

This winter, many of us learned a new term, “bomb cyclone.” The term is new, but the snow and ice and nose-to-toes numbing cold are not. While more than one local resident was heard complaining about being stuck in their home because of the cold and particularly the ice, at least their homes were safe and sound on land. This houseboat was headed down the Clinton River to its new home on Sunshine Point (at the end of North River Road in Harrison Township). They say timing is everything, and for the owners, that was certainly true. They did make it to Sunshine Point, and over the decades, owners have refurbished the houseboat and made numerous changes. It hasn’t looked like a houseboat for many, many years.

— Marie P. (Ling) McDougal, Harrison Township historian