Warren tracks down ‘bad landlord’

By: Brian Louwers | Warren Weekly | Published July 14, 2021

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WARREN — A “bad landlord” with dozens of outstanding tickets for blight at several properties was reportedly arrested by Warren police on July 8 after a “24-hour stakeout” at a rental home on Hudson Avenue, west of Van Dyke Avenue.

“This chronic out-of-state landlord is a resident of Cleveland, Ohio,” Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said.

Announcing the arrest on Facebook, Fouts added, “His homes are despicable and clearly blighted!”

According to the mayor, the man had 69 outstanding tickets related to allegedly blighted homes over the last three years. Violations of the International Property Maintenance Code were also cited.

Fouts said Public Service Director Gus Ghanam, Warren Property Maintenance Division Supervisor Bob Scott and Building Department Director Jim Cummins were also involved in the investigation.

A source said the effort to apprehend the landlord began on July 7 and culminated with his arrest at a city tow yard, where his vehicles had been taken.

Fouts said the city currently has a list of seven or more “chronic landlords” facing similar violations. The mayor said fighting blight and holding rental property owners accountable were among the pledges he made during his State of the City remarks last month.

The man was not identified ahead of his expected arraignment in the 37th District Court on July 8, after the Warren Weekly went to press.

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