Royal Oak High School student diagnosed with hepatitis A

By: Sarah Wojcik | Royal Oak Review | Published April 25, 2018

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ROYAL OAK — On April 25, Royal Oak High School Principal Michael Giromini sent out an email to the Royal Oak High School community stating that a student at the high school had been diagnosed with a case of hepatitis A.

Hepatitis A, an infection of the liver caused by a virus, includes symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dark urine and tiredness, followed by a yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice), according to the email.

Giromini cautioned parents to watch their children for symptoms of hepatitis A over the next several weeks and to keep them home if they develop such symptoms. He said parents should contact their physician for evaluation and notify the school immediately, because quick identification of suspected cases can reduce further exposure of the virus in the school.

He said an effective vaccine exists to prevent infection, and that all children, travelers to some foreign countries and those at risk for complications from a hepatitis A infection should get vaccinated. The vaccine is a two-dose series, administered six months apart.

According to the Oakland County Health Division, the most common way the disease is spread is from person to person by hands contaminated with feces.

The best way to prevent hepatitis A is to maintain good sanitation and good hygiene, including regular hand-washing before eating or preparing food and after using the bathroom.
For questions, call the Oakland County Health Division Nurse on Call at (800) 848-5533.