Longtime Southfield councilman will not run for reelection

By: Kayla Dimick | Southfield Sun | Published August 21, 2019

 Myron Frasier

Myron Frasier


SOUTHFIELD — A familiar face on the Southfield City Council announced that he does not plan on running for reelection this year.

Councilman Myron Frasier made the announcement at the July 15 City Council meeting, in reference to the upcoming November election. His term is slated to expire this year.

Frasier said it has been his honor to serve the city, but he must step down due to some outside circumstances.

“I have some outside challenges. I have some family issues that I need to take care of,” Frasier said at the meeting. “It was not an easy decision for me to make along with my family, but I promised the voters if they would elect me to this council that I would serve with the highest integrity and ethics to provide them the best service that I could provide, and I find that the unscheduled things that I need to deal with outside won’t allow me to be at council meetings or behind the scenes.”

The council seats currently held by Frasier, Councilman Dan Brightwell, Councilman Donald Fracassi and Councilwoman Tawyna Morris are all up for reelection this year. Brightwell, Fracassi and Taylor all filed to run again.

Council President Lloyd Crews said the announcement came as a bit of a surprise to the council.

“I just want to say, Mr. Frasier, I learned so much from you. I’ve been on council close to six years now, and you’ve always kind of kept me under your wing,” Crews said at the meeting. “I just want to thank you for all the wisdom and knowledge you have given to me and brought to this council over the years and your service to the city, and you will sorely be missed.”

Frasier has been on the City Council for 22 years, and a Southfield resident since 1980. He’s served on many boards and commissions within the council, as well as having served as the council president and on the Michigan Municipal League Board of Trustees.

Fracassi said he will miss his fellow longtime cohort.

“We go back quite a few years together. It’s been a real pleasure knowing you and your family, and I know the situation you have and I’m just going to miss you a lot,” Fracassi said.

Brightwell said Frasier helped keep the council on the right track.

“I’ve definitely appreciated your wisdom, your insight and also your forthrightness, because sometimes we will start going down a certain track, and you will periodically bring us back on the train track,” he said. “I definitely appreciate what you’ve done for me since I’ve been on the council and what you’ve meant for the city.”

Frasier also offered a bit of advice for the fresh face that will replace him.

“I’m suggesting to anyone who sits in this seat to make sure you understand the facts and you don’t act on emotions. It’s my own ‘Myron-ism,’ if you will, that 100% of the time you’ll be 50% wrong,” he said. “What I mean is if you vote yes, the people that want you to vote no are angry at you and if you vote no, the people who want you to vote yes are angry at you.”

“My suggestion is to dig out the facts so that you can look somebody in the eye and explain how you got to the answer you got, and that’s the best you can do,” Frasier said.

Although he is stepping down from the council, Frasier said he won’t be a stranger to Southfield residents.

“I’ll be around,” Frasier said with a laugh.

The filing deadline for the Nov. 5 election was July 24.