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 One of the Eastpointe Fire Department’s big goals in 2020 is the purchase of a new ladder truck. Its current ladder truck, pictured, was purchased in 1998 and is reaching the end of its service life.

One of the Eastpointe Fire Department’s big goals in 2020 is the purchase of a new ladder truck. Its current ladder truck, pictured, was purchased in 1998 and is reaching the end of its service life.

Photo provided by the Eastpointe Department of Public Safety

Local officials share their ‘New Year’s resolutions’ for 2020

By: Brendan Losinski | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published January 6, 2020


EASTPOINTE/ROSEVILLE — Lots of people like to make resolutions for the new year, and city officials are no exception. Some of Eastpointe’s and Roseville’s leaders shared what they would like to achieve or do differently in 2020.

Eastpointe’s director of public safety, George Rouhib, said that increasing recruiting efforts and ensuring Eastpointe has the properly trained personnel to keep the community safe are his primary goals in 2020.

“We definitely want to continue to improve our recruiting process and diversify the department,” he said. “We are mailing a lot of literature out to police academies and sending representatives of our department out to speak at academies. We can’t do anything new if we don’t have the staffing to do it.”

Additionally, he added that he wants to improve the public safety facilities, continue the department’s support of the new neighborhood watch program, and help address blight.

“I’m trying to work with the city manager about how to better address the blight in the community. We want to work with the Building Department so the police can also attack this issue by issuing tickets and so forth,” Rouhib said. “We want to continue to improve refurbishing our aging building. We haven’t had any improvements in several years.

“Lastly, we are very happy how the neighborhood watch group has been going, but we want to bring in more guest speakers and have group patrols in neighborhoods. We also want to create a youth program to help young people coming from broken or troubled homes.”

Deputy Chief Nick Sage, head of the Eastpointe Fire Department, said there are three things he would like to see in 2020 with regard to his department.

“We have three primary goals in 2020,” he said. “First, continued emphasis on training and development. Our firefighters work hard and are expected to multitask and work efficiently. Training helps their successes continue.

“Second, we want to continue our emphasis on fire prevention. We handed out well over 500 smoke alarms in 2019. We want to continue talking up safety within the community.

“Finally, the big initiative in 2020 will be the discussion and planning process to replace our 1998 ladder truck. It’s served our community well, but maintenance costs are mounting. We’d like to get some money out of it before it becomes worthless and use that money to offset the replacement cost. We expect its replacement to cost about $1.2 million.”

Eastpointe City Manager Elke Doom only took up her position in December, but she said she wants to ensure that she gets to know her new home better in the new year and assist the City Council with its priorities for the city.

“At our Jan. 7 meeting, we are setting goals for the coming year, so the council and I will be discussing our plans for 2020 there,” she said last week. “My personal and professional goals are getting to know the people of Eastpointe. I want to better familiarize myself with the city of Eastpointe, with the organizations that work in the city and with Macomb County as a whole. I want people to know I’m here for them as city manager.”

In Roseville, Police Chief Ryan Monroe stressed goals of hiring new personnel in 2020 and addressing vaping and other addictive substances with the community’s youth.

“Our goals include recruiting and hiring new officers to serve our community,” he said in an email. “Increasing our interactions within the community and focusing more on an anti-vaping/anti-narcotic message to our schools and community also are priorities.”

Roseville Fire Chief Mike Holland wants to continue several initiatives to promote public safety in the new year.

“We have a couple different things,” said Holland. “We are trying to increase our public education to ensure every home in Roseville has working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. The second thing we also want to emphasize is convincing people not to text and drive. We’ve seen an increase in this in recent years. People don’t see what’s coming because they’re not looking at the road, so they hit things without even slowing down, which makes the accidents worse.”

Holland specifically wants to promote the Smart911 program, which he said could vastly improve the effectiveness of first responders.

“We would like to double the number of citizens on our Smart911 system. It’s a system so that, when people register with it, our dispatchers will have all the information they give us right there in front of them,” he explained. “This can be medications you use, who lives in your house, if you have a pet. It’s free to use and people can put as little or as much information as they want into the system. It’s not stored anywhere to be accessed unless you call 911. People can register at”

Roseville City Manager Scott Adkins hopes to encourage more citizen engagement this year at city meetings and events.

“We still want to encourage more citizen participation. When we are forming ideas for the master plans and recreation plans, we would like to see more of the city taking part,” he said. “We have a few who regularly take part, but we would like to see more people take part. We want to reach out and invite people to serve on committees when vacancies come up or in organizations. We’re here and we want people to voice their concerns and ideas and encourage dialogue.”

Adkins also wants the city to focus on growing local businesses and continuing efforts to build up the Gratiot Avenue corridor.

“We’re hopeful that in 2020, that we will have continued success with local businesses and help residents improve neighborhoods,” he said. “We want to improve property values. We have so many opportunities along Gratiot (Avenue), and we’ve seen big box businesses moving in, and we would like to foster more small and local businesses. We want those unique businesses that make the city unique.”