Lathrup Village voters to decide council, proposal

By: Andy Kozlowski | Southfield Sun | Published October 20, 2021


In the general election Nov. 2, voters in Lathrup Village will decide City Council races for different terms, as well as a proposal regarding the timing for budget presentation and adoption.

Following are profiles of the candidates. They were asked, in 75 words or fewer, to state their top goal(s) if elected. If a candidate went over the word limit, (…) replaces the rest of the answer. (I) indicates the candidate is an incumbent. 

The answers are printed verbatim.  


Lathrup Village City Council

Six candidates are running for three open seats. Each of the two highest vote-getters will receive a four-year term, while the third highest vote-earner will receive a two-year term. 

Mark Dizik

Age: 47

Occupation: Sales

Municipality of residence: Lathrup Village

For how long: 40 years

Online campaign information: N/A

Education: BA in History from the University of Minnesota

Previously held elected offices: None

Top goals: To preserve the historic nature and special feel of Lathrup Village. Incentivize partnerships between Southfield Road property owners and the city of Lathrup Village. Beautify the Southfield Road Corridor and create age friendly walkable and ridable community. Continue the capital improvement plan to improve our infrastructure. Increase transparency between city government and residents and improve communication and accessibility to City Hall.


Jalen Jennings

Age: 25

Occupation: Community Liaison

Municipality of residence: Lathrup Village

For how long: 23 years

Online campaign information:

Education: Tennessee State University – Bachelor’s Degree Urban Planning

Previously held elected offices: N/A

Top goals: I will work towards a more robust economy by building relationships. Also, I plan to conduct a study on municipal broadband to provide reliable, low-cost internet service to all residents. Next, I plan to develop a sustainable environment by installing solar panels on city-owned property to lower costs and combat power outages. Lastly, I will be accountable for using innovative technology to keep in touch with my residents and disseminate information.


Bruce Kantor (I)

Age: 57

Occupation: Healthcare Retiree

Municipality of residence: Lathrup Village

For how long: 32 years

Online campaign information: N/A

Education: BA from Kalamazoo College

Previously held elected offices: Council Person/Mayor Pro Tem of Lathrup Village (2017-2021)

Top goals: I intend to continue the successful implementation of the infrastructure and road projects I started and expand them beyond their limited focus.  I will continue working on improving Southfield Road via economic development and code enforcement.  I will work with the owner of the Anne Lathrup School to encourage redevelopment of the property.  I will continue to closely monitor City spending against the budget and work with the police to address traffic safety and enforcement.

Karen L. Miller


Age: N/A

Occupation: Business Owner/Realtor/Mortgage Loan Officer

Municipality of residence: Lathrup Village

For how long: 32 years

Online campaign information:

Education: Central Michigan University; Bachelor of Science – Community Development, Emphasis in Public Administration; Graduated Magna cum Laude – 2014; Mediation Training and Consultation Institute, Ann Arbor, MI; Trained Domestic Relations Mediator; The Grant Institute, Los Angeles, CA @ University of Miami; Professional Grant Proposal Writing – Program Development and Evaluation,  Professional Grant Writing and Grant Research

Previously held elected offices: Southfield Public Schools’ Board of Education – 1993 to 2001 and appointed in 2004 serving until 2010; served 5 years as President; also served multiple years as Secretary and Treasurer.

Top goals: I’ve asked Lathrup Village residents what matters to them. Priorities are Communication; Fiscal Responsibility/Taxes; and City Services/Infrastructure. I’ll invite residents and stakeholder groups to the table to: holistically assess City Services/Infrastructure and Community Development; set community priorities; and determine funding options. I’ll rebuild the connection with Southfield Public Schools and work to educate residents regarding school funding. I’ll propose a Resident Liaison position and return integrity to City business and responsiveness to residents.


Marvin Moore [Write-In]

Age: 66

Occupation: Retired - Human Resources Officer for Chrysler Corporation; Formerly worked as a Police Officer. Currently have leadership roles in two volunteer organizations: Agape Christian Marriage Ministry (an organization dedicated to the preservation of marriages); Willing Workers for Christ (an organization dedicated to attending to the needs of the homeless population in Southeast Michigan).

Municipality of residence: Lathrup Village

For how long: Over 30 years

Online campaign information:

Education: MBA Duke University; MA Psychology Counseling - NC Central University; BA in Political Science - North Carolina State University

Previously held elected offices: None

Top goals: 1) Work diligently to maintain the peace and tranquility of the City, including exclusion of marijuana dispensaries consistent with the wishes of a substantial number of Lathrup Village residents. 2) Work diligently to restore transparency and integrity in government by aggressively pursuing the input of Lathrup Village residents in decision-making. 3) Work diligently to promptly respond to concerns of Lathrup Village residents and keep residents fully informed, including maximum use of technology, apps, and social media. 


Saleem Siddiqi (I)

Did not return questionnaire by press time. 


Lathrup Village City Council — Partial Term

Two candidates are running for a partial term ending Nov. 13, 2023.


Barbara Kenez

Age: 62

Occupation: Interior Designer

Municipality of residence: Lathrup Village

For how long: 50+ years

Online campaign information: 

Education: BA MSU

Previously held elected offices: None

Top goals: Communicate and address needs and concerns in a respectful and timely manner. Include residents in decisions that will effect their quality of life. Seek and attract businesses that our residents will approve of and support and improve the aesthetics of the village and the corridor. Return to fiscal responsibility, transparency and first rate customer service to provide a viable, sustainable, attractive and united community for this generation and the next. 


Greg Ruvolo II [Write-In]

Age: 49

Occupation: Marketing & Communications Director

Municipality of residence: Lathrup Village

For how long: 16 years

Online campaign information: 

Education: I hold a bachelor's degree in communications and a master's degree in communications technology, both from Eastern Michigan University.

Previously held elected offices: None

Top goals: My plan is to strengthen our city’s vitality for current residents and future generations by focusing on these top three initiatives: Expanding communication channels, continuing beautification, and boosting economic growth. Targeting these initiatives will well position us as a premier community for current and future residents. These goals are inclusive and require the diverse voice and participation of residents and City Council Members. I look forward to representing everyone to achieve success in these areas.


Lathrup Village — Budget Deadline Dates Charter Amendment — Proposal 1

Shall the City of Lathrup Village Charter be amended to extend the budget presentation and adoption deadlines by one month, the new dates being the third Monday of May and the third Monday of June respectively?