Keego Harbor residents to elect council members, Orchard Lake residents to decide on proposal

West Bloomfield Beacon | Published October 13, 2021

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KEEGO HARBOR/ORCHARD LAKE — In the West Bloomfield Beacon’s coverage area, on Nov. 2, voters will elect candidates for council and decide on a proposal. Below are profiles for the candidates and the exact language of the proposal as it will appear on the ballot. Candidates were asked, in 75 words or fewer, to state their top goal(s) if elected. If a candidate went over the word limit, (…) replaces the rest of the answer. (I) indicates that the candidate is an incumbent. The answers are printed verbatim. Profile forms were not sent to candidates who are running unopposed. In Orchard Lake, three candidates are running unopposed for three seats on the City Council.

Keego Harbor City Council
Three candidates are running for two three-year terms.

Michael Karson
Age: 62 years old
Occupation: President/CEO Area Agency on Aging 1-B
Municipality of residence: Keego Harbor
For how long: 7 years
Online campaign information: No answer given.
Education: MBA, Doctorate in Health Administration – April 2022
Previously held elected offices: Trustee – Walled Lake Consolidated Schools Board of Education 12.5 years
Top goals: I am running for Keego Harbor city council as I have a vested interest in my community.
My highest priority is ensuring the safety of our citizens and community. We must have full transparency in Keego Harbor government, a meaningful strategic plan for the entire city, and more common green spaces for everyone to enjoy such as farmers market, festivals, and programs. Lastly, we must stop city council from micromanaging day-to-day operations of our city.

Brian Lampl (I)
Age: 50
Occupation: Investment Banker & Business Advisor
Municipality of residence: Keego Harbor
For how long: 8 years
Online campaign information:
Education: B.S. Management, Babson College (major in Entrepreneurial Studies and a concentration in Management Information Systems).
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Registered Representative, Series 7 - General Securities and Series 79 - Investment Banking.
Citizen Planner Certification, Michigan State University Extension.
OAKWAY Fire Ops 101 Program.
Elected Officials Training Workshop, Michigan Municipal League.
Previously held elected offices: Current Mayor of Keego Harbor. Previous Mayor Pro Tem and Councilmember.
Top goals: Maintaining proper financial management and effective budgeting is a top priority. I will continue to use my business background and financial skills to ensure we use our resources responsibly in all areas.
Secure more budget dollars for our aging infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, etc.); it’s vital for our community. Responsible economic development and support for our existing businesses are essential for our community to thrive. I will continue to develop innovative ways to assist our city.

Theresa Shimansky (I)
Age: 52
Occupation: Accountant / Equipment Appraiser
Municipality of residence: Keego Harbor
For how long: 10 years
Online campaign information: No answer given.
Education: BS in Business Management, MA in Organizational Management
Previously held elected offices: No answer given.
Top goals: I believe an elected official should view themself as if they have been hired by their constituents to carry out the will of the community.  As such, my goals have always been to listen residents, understand their needs, and make decisions based on those needs in combination with maintaining the necessary services and a balanced budget. I also strive to maintain the warm and inviting small town feel that brought me to Keego Harbor.

Orchard Lake Police Department and Public Works Facilities Bond Proposal
Shall the City of Orchard Lake Village, County of Oakland, Michigan, borrow the principal sum of not to exceed Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4,500,000), and issue its unlimited tax general obligation bonds, in one or more series, payable in not to exceed twenty (20) years from the date of issue, to pay the cost of acquiring, constructing, furnishing and equipping improvements to, and an expansion of, the existing police department facility and a new public works facility to replace the existing public works garage, including all site improvements, appurtenances and attachments? If approved, the estimated millage to be levied in 2022 is 0.5541 mills ($0.55 per $1,000 of taxable value) and the estimated simple average annual millage rate required to retire the bonds is 0.5496 mills ($0.55 per $1,000 of taxable value).