Gas station, restaurant proposed for 23 Mile development

Condo preliminary plan approved

By: Alex Szwarc | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published August 24, 2020

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MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Plans have been approved for business development in the area of 23 Mile and Card roads.

At the Aug. 18 Macomb Township Planning Commission meeting, a special land use and site plan was approved for developments in the southwest corner of the intersection.

Macomb Township Planning Director Josh Bocks said the area is currently zoned C-2 for general commercial use.

The petitioner seeks to add a drive-thru restaurant to the development with a gas station and strip plaza.

Josh King, a graduate engineer at Lehner Associates, said there are three parcels of land. One of the parcels is where Buscemi’s is located. All parcels are owned by Fadi Askar.

Bocks said in regard to the gas station and restaurant, the developer is not yet at a point where they need to provide those specifics.

“‘We’re proposing a gas station with a drive-thru restaurant and a retail plaza,” he said. “Phase 1 will encompass the gas station and drive-thru. Phase 2 will be the retail building, and phases 3 and 4 are up in the air.”

The restaurant will be east of the gas station.  

Vice Chair Aaron Tuckfield said he doesn’t have a problem with the site use at this location.

“For the special land use, what worries me is repetition of the corner of 23 and Romeo Plank,” he said. “There’s a fast food restaurant on the southwest quadrant and a gas station. I know it’s a relatively hazardous corner. My concern is more with how it will interface with traffic along 23.”

He emphasized that on a regular basis, if one stands at the corner of 23 Mile and Romeo Plank roads, one doesn’t have to stay long before a potential accident occurs.  

Bocks estimated that construction could begin in the spring.

Also at the meeting, a preliminary plan was approved for Penzien Estates Site Condominium on the south side of 25 Mile Road, east of Romeo Plank Road.

Bocks said it is a 14-unit residential development.

“A construction drive would be created on the east side of the property where it meets 25 Mile,” he said.

This plan was originally discussed by the commission in July. At that time, it decided to table approving the plan.

In July, several residents expressed concern with where the construction entrance would be placed and commented on the increased traffic level through the existing subdivision.

Roberto Vitale, the developer, said multiple people have reached out to him who were interested in living in that location.

Additionally, an extension of time for a preliminary plan was approved for Mistwood Estates Site Condominiums on the south side of 23 Mile Road, a quarter mile east of North Avenue.

Bocks said it is a residential site that was initially approved in 2018. The development has 76 units in Phase 1 and 58 units in Phase 2.