The Fraser Public Library is offering a Summer Reading Club for patrons of all ages this summer. They can read books to earn prizes.

The Fraser Public Library is offering a Summer Reading Club for patrons of all ages this summer. They can read books to earn prizes.

Photo provided by Kelly Forrester

Fraser Library to offer summer reading program

By: Brendan Losinski | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published June 11, 2021

 The Fraser Public Library will offer a variety of activities during the summer months, including guest speakers, animal presentations and movie nights, pictured.

The Fraser Public Library will offer a variety of activities during the summer months, including guest speakers, animal presentations and movie nights, pictured.

Photo provided by Kelly Forrester

FRASER — The Fraser Public Library will soon kick off its 2021 Summer Reading Club, giving patrons of all ages the chance to enjoy a few good books during the summer.

This year’s theme for the summer reading program is Tails and Tales. Patrons will have access to a variety of programs themed around learning about animals and wildlife.

“We’ve partnered with a lot of animal organizations to make some truly awesome programs for our community,” Programming and Youth Services Librarian Kristen Getzin said in an email. “We’re hitting a little bit of everything in the animal kingdom, from creepy crawlies to working with service animals and, of course, the cuddly animals most people have as pets.”

Those taking part will earn prizes for every book or books they read, depending on the age group. They also will earn tickets to be entered into a drawing for larger prizes, which will be given out at the end of the program.

“Tracking is going to be based on the age level. For all age groups, toddlers, children, teens and adults, what they will do is either use a paper form that they fill out, or use Wandoo Reader which is online,” Getzin said. “For toddlers, they can read five books and then they earn a prize. The prizes are small, such as a stuffed animal or a temporary tattoo or a sticker. Based on how long they read, they can earn a book to take home. They also get a ticket to put in the bigger prize drawing at the end of the summer.”

The program will begin with a kick-off event that will take place at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 19, outside the library, which is located at 16330 E 14 Mile Rd. This opening celebration will include registration for the Summer Reading Club, balloons, origami, sorties and two performances by Animal Magic. The night will close with an outdoor movie night featuring “The Secret Life of Pets” at 9 p.m. It will take place rain or shine.

“I’m really looking forward to our opening day,” Getzin wrote. “I’ve been talking with Mark Rosenthal at Animal Magic since last year, and I’m thrilled he can finally come and perform for us. Animal Magic is a live animal show showcasing exotic animals that star in fairy tale classics. It’s the perfect combination for Tails and Tales.”

The Summer Reading Club will have associated events every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday through Saturday, Aug. 21, when the prizes will be drawn.

“Children need to read three books to earn a prize. Teens need to read one. Prizes change per age group. Teen prizes are more things like an inflatable beach volleyball or something they earn. The prizes are listed on the website,” Getzin explained. “The big prizes at the end of the summer will be a zoo pass for the Detroit Zoo and a bag full of things they can use at the zoo like hand sanitizer and suntan lotion for the toddler group. For kids, we have two zoo passes and a family game night pack. For teens, there is an outdoor swim package which is two passes for the Somerset Swim Club and some items useful for a swim day. There’s also a movie night package they can win which has movies, snacks, pop and so forth. For adults, there is a picnic package with cutlery, sausages and cheese, and the other is a baseball package, which has an autographed Tigers picture and materials for going to a baseball game.”

Storytimes for Toddlers will take place every Tuesday at 2 p.m. at McKinley Barrier-Free Park, located at 31500 Grove St., and every Friday on the library lawn at 1 p.m.

There also will be a movie night each night this summer, showing a movie featuring animals.

“We will still have movie nights in the parking lot every month this summer because they are a great way to connect the community over a movie, while adhering to health guidelines,” Marketing and Development Coordinator Kelly Forrester said in an email. “But all of the movies will feature different animal classics.”

“Every Tuesday will be the storytimes in the park for toddlers,” Getzin added. “We will have craft activities there, as well, they can do there or bring home with them. Wednesday nights will have a program for one of the age groups. It varies. Fridays will have the storytimes here. Saturdays will have the movies nights or another large program. That’s when we’ll have the animal experts come in and so forth.”

The movie nights will also provide opportunities to help local animals.

“The idea is that the Fraser community will help the Humane Society of Macomb County,” wrote Getzin. “For those attending, we ask that they bring items to donate to local shelters such as food, toys or blankets.”

The library staff said they were happy to be able to welcome patrons back to the library in person once more. While they are taking precautions such as hosting the event outdoors, their hope is that more people will be utilizing their local libraries again.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have our Summer Reading Club in person this year,” wrote Forrester. “This year’s Summer Reading Club will be like nothing we’ve had before. In the most obvious form, due to the ongoing pandemic, we will be hosting all the events outside.”

Forrester also noted how important planning an outdoor, in-person Summer Reading Club was after cancelling last year’s plans and moving everything online.

“Last year, our participation numbers for (Summer Reading Club) were the lowest we have ever seen,” she said in the same email. “We believe that is due to the fact that not everyone in our community was able to access our materials online, so it just further emphasizes the importance of having the program in person.”

Getzin stressed how important reading in the summer can be, particularly for students.

“Summer reading is very important because it counteracts the summer slide,” she said. “This is when students can lose some information over the summer. If they don’t read or take part in some kind of academic work during the summer, they often have to relearn a lot when they return to school in the fall. So programs like this are not only fun, but they help prevent this slide.”

She hopes people will come in to take part in the Summer Reading Club as there are a variety of things to enjoy.

“We’ve got so many cool things planned this year that there’s something for everyone,” Getzin remarked. “If you want to learn to become a bird watcher, we have a program for you. If you want to learn what kind of animals come out at night, we have a program for you, if you are a beginning reader we have a program. If you are an adult looking for a fun program, we have a program for you. No matter who you are there is something to do.”