Crime briefs of the year in Farmington, Hills

Farmington Press | Published January 17, 2022

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FARMINGTON/FARMINGTON HILLS — Here’s a look back at some of the most interesting and bizarre local crime briefs from 2021:


Employee gets locked in, pulls fire alarm
FARMINGTON –– On Jan. 18, officers and firefighters responded to an assisted living facility on Grand River Avenue for a report of a fire alarm. 

Once at the scene, officers were able to determine that the alarm had been pulled by an employee who had accidentally locked herself in a room in the basement. 

The alarm was reset by officers. 


Woman ignores warning, scammed out of $800
FARMINGTON –– An officer responded to a residence at Kensington Manor Apartments Jan. 22 for a report of fraud. A woman said she had received a phone call from an unknown male. 

The man told the woman that someone with her Social Security number had committed crimes in Texas and there was a warrant out for her arrest. The man instructed the woman to buy $800 worth of Google Play gift cards and provide him with the account numbers. 

The woman went to Kroger and was advised by the employees that she needed to contact the police because the man was trying to scam her.

The woman ended up purchasing the cards at Walmart and provided the numbers to the man before reporting the incident to police. The incident was turned over to the detective bureau.


Fight reported outside blood donation center
FARMINGTON HILLS –– On Feb. 22 an officer observed three males who appeared to be fighting in front of a blood donation center on Grand River Avenue. The officer pulled into the driveway of the business as two of the males began chasing the other male down Grand River. 

The males were all yelling and cussing at each other. Dispatchers were advised of a possible fight, and another car was sent to assist with the incident. Officers separated the three males. 

Two males stated they had been on the bus from Detroit to Farmington Hills and went to the clinic to donate plasma on a weekly basis. They said they got into a verbal argument with another male on the bus and that he pulled a knife on the two of them and threatened them. A fight ensued. 

They were adamant that the man had had a black knife in his pocket. Officers also spoke to the other male, who said the other two had attempted to rob him once he got off the bus. He stated that he wanted no trouble and was just looking to donate plasma. 

No knife was found. The man stated that during the argument, he had pulled his phone out of his pocket, and the others may have mistaken his black phone for a knife. 

The parties declined to press charges and went their separate ways.


Planter stolen
FARMINGTON –– An officer responded to the MI.Mosa restaurant March 3 for a report of a larceny of a wooden planter. 

The officer spoke with the owner, who noticed that one of his patio planters was missing when he showed up to work that day. The owner checked the security cameras and noticed that at 1:45 a.m. the night before, an unknown female pulled up to the rear of the restaurant in a dark colored Lincoln SUV. 

The suspect grabbed the planter, put it into her SUV and fled the scene. 

The report was turned over to the detective bureau for further investigation. 


Woman reports assault, theft of wrong phone
FARMINGTON –– On March 11, officers responded to the AT&T store on Grand River Avenue for a strong-arm robbery report. 

Officers learned that a customer had entered the store to purchase a new phone. While the customer was waiting to transfer data from her old phone to her new phone, she said she needed to make a phone call. The customer borrowed the salesclerk’s personal cellphone and stepped outside to make the call.

While the customer was making the call, the ex-girlfriend of the customer’s current boyfriend allegedly approached the customer and began to assault her. Two of the suspect’s friends allegedly joined in assaulting the customer. The main suspect grabbed the salesclerk’s phone, and the three suspects fled the scene. 

The customer believes that the suspect assumed that she was stealing the customer’s phone and not the salesclerk’s phone. The case was forwarded to the detective bureau.


Patron melts down over library fax machine 
FARMINGTON –– On June 8, officers responded to the Farmington Community Library for a report that a disorderly library patron was yelling at staff. 

Officers located the woman, who was yelling so loudly that officers could hear her from the front door entrance. 

Officers learned from library staff that the disorderly patron was upset that the fax machine’s clock had the wrong time on it. 

The patron would not stop yelling, even with officers present, so the library staff served her with a no trespassing order. The patron was escorted off library property without further incident. 


Woman arrested after yelling at church
FARMINGTON –– On June 20, officers responded to Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Parish for a report that a woman was yelling obscenities at the church. 

Officers located the woman outside the church with a glass of wine. The woman is known to officers as someone who has caused disturbances at other public gatherings in the city. 

She had an arrest warrant from Farmington for public indecency. 

The woman was advised that she was under arrest for her actions and the warrant. The woman refused to cooperate but was eventually taken into custody.


Air fryers stolen
FARMINGTON — A man was arrested July 24 by Farmington Public Safety officers after $300 worth of air fryers were stolen from Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. 

Police found the man fleeing the scene on the M-5 expressway with the items still in his possession. The man was charged with retail fraud. 


Police vehicle damaged
FARMINGTON — An officer on patrol Sept. 10 observed a vehicle parked in a darkly lit area of the Freedom Gateway Center at approximately 10:40 p.m. 

The officer noted that the church was closed, but the vehicle was occupied by two individuals, though no one should have been at the church at that hour.

The two occupants were a male and a partially clothed female in the backseat of the vehicle. 

As the officer approached the vehicle and tried to make contact, the male climbed into the front seat of the vehicle, started the car, and began to back up the vehicle. 

The officer started knocking on the driver’s window yelling at him to stop, but the driver accelerated the vehicle until he crashed into the officer’s patrol vehicle. The officer was able to take custody of the driver, learning that the driver was a juvenile. He was charged with the incident and turned over to a parent.


Man assaulted over parking spot
FARMINGTON HILLS — Officers responded to a liquor store on Orchard Lake Road for a report of an assault Oct. 12. They interviewed a man who said he had parked his truck at the business next to the party store because the party store’s parking lot was full. As he walked to the store’s entrance, he was confronted by a man who was angry about where the victim had parked. 

The victim apologized, but the suspect grabbed him by the neck. The victim pulled away from the suspect, and the suspect attempted to strike the victim with a liquor bottle. 

At that point, the victim was rescued by liquor store employees, who intervened and brought the victim into the store. Officers noted that the victim’s windshield wiper was broken off his truck. The incident was turned over to the detective bureau for further investigation.


Drunken man enters wrong home
FARMINGTON — Police responded to a report of an intoxicated male entering the victim’s apartment without permission at the Kingslane Apartments at 5 a.m. Nov. 1. 

While officers were en route, the man left the building and was found on Warner Street attempting to gain access to a garage. 

Officers arrived to find the man walking down Warner Street. They detained the man and noted that he was highly intoxicated. 

Officers learned that he had been drinking at a bachelor party and left the party to go home. The man got lost and somehow entered the wrong apartment. 

Once he realized that he was in the wrong apartment, he left and got lost in the subdivision behind the complex, thinking that he was in his subdivision in Farmington Hills. 

Officers spoke with the victim, who said that the man had knocked on her door to her apartment, and when she opened the door, the man brushed by her and locked himself in her bathroom. 

The victim’s father was able to persuade the man to leave the apartment while the police were called. The man was arrested for unlawful entry and disorderly intoxication. He was housed at the Farmington Jail until sober.


Honda stolen after keys left in door
FARMINGTON — On Dec. 8, officers responded to the Drakeshire Apartments for a report of a stolen vehicle. 

Upon arrival, the officers learned that the victim had accidentally left his keys in the lock to the building door. 

When the victim went to retrieve the keys, he noticed that both his keys and his 2017 Honda CR-V were missing. The vehicle was entered into the statewide system as stolen.