Car clubs share what catches their eye at Dream Cruise

By: Eric Czarnik | C&G Newspapers | Published August 10, 2015

It typically brings in more than a million people each year, and this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise promises to be no different.

On Aug. 15, car connoisseurs and casual fans will flock together to watch classic cars careen down Woodward Avenue. from Ferndale to Pontiac. Also in attendance will be auto clubs, many of which bring some of their favorite vehicles to the event.

Jeff Grice, president of the Great Lakes Cobra Club, said his members come mainly from metro Detroit to see the Dream Cruise. He said his club rents out space along Hazel Street in Birmingham, and the car club usually brings Shelby Cobras from its membership while celebrating with food and family.

In addition, as people pass by or walk up to the area, the members are able to educate people about the cars, Grice said.

“It’s a good time for one of our largest events for members to get together, and it really is social,” he said.

When thinking about last year’s event, Grice said he recalls members talking about some of the really unique vehicles on the road.

“We love all the cars, but I think what really catches people’s eyes are the things they don’t see everyday,” he said. “There’s the typical ’60s and ’70s hot rods and the vintage cars. There are antiques. There are one-of-a-kinds. It’s like attending a whole summer’s worth of car shows in one day.”

Grice suggested that visitors make the most of their Dream Cruise visit by not being shy about inquiring about vehicles that interest them.

“Stop and talk and ask questions,” he said. “Car people like to talk. We’re not just there to see and watch our own cars.”

Dr. Eric M. Schiffer, president of the Royal Pontiac Club of America, said the Dream Cruise is an event that is hard to explain, and it has to be personally experienced to be understood.

Schiffer said around 20 members expect to park along Old Woodward in downtown Birmingham on cruise day, and they enjoy sharing stories about their cars as well as their cruising histories on Woodward Avenue.

“Cruise visitors should bring walking shoes, cameras and chairs to just sit back and watch as the cruise comes to you,” he added.

Frank Muth, a member of the Motor City Rockets, a southeastern Michigan Oldsmobile club, said his group leases a parking lot or field to let its club members meet so they can cruise with friends, talk about cars or walk through sponsors’ tents.

He offered his advice on how visitors can maximize their Dream Cruise experience.

“Leave your mom’s SUV at home and hop in with a hot rodder,” he said.
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