Active shooter terrorizes drivers in Southfield, Beverly Hills

By: Jacob Herbert | C&G Newspapers | Published June 8, 2021

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SOUTHFIELD/BEVERLY HILLS — Police officers were dispatched on a report of shots fired on Evergreen Road, near 13 Mile, around 3:37 p.m. May 14.

Dispatchers advised officers that a man had carjacked an individual and shots had been fired. When police arrived, the suspect was no longer at the scene. He was last seen heading northbound on Evergreen. Information obtained later stated that the suspect had fled in the victim’s 2016 black Toyota Corolla. Officers interviewed several witnesses and victims.

The first victim stated he had been traveling from eastbound 13 Mile Road to southbound Evergreen Road, and when he turned onto Evergreen, he observed the suspect standing in the middle of the road, pointing a rifle at him. As the victim continued to drive, he sped past the victim while being shot at several times. The victim was not hit, but his hand was injured from the window breaking. He was treated for minor injuries.

The second victim stated she was traveling westbound on 13 Mile Road before making a left turn onto southbound Evergreen Road into Beverly Hills. After turning, the victim was stopped by an unknown suspect on foot carrying a gun. The suspect asked her to get out of her 2019 blue Ford Edge. The suspect told her that the gun was real but that he was not going to hurt her. The suspect then asked the victim for her car because someone was after him. The victim got out of her car and allowed the suspect to drive away, but he was unable to get away because the key fob to the car was located in the victim’s purse, and she was out of range of the vehicle. After realizing he was not going to be able to drive away, the suspect stopped another vehicle, got in and drove away.

The third victim told officers that he was driving northbound on Evergreen Road, just south of 13 Mile Road, when he was stopped by a man pointing a rifle at him. After the victim stopped, the suspect continued to point a gun at the victim and ordered him out of his vehicle. The victim exited his vehicle and watched the suspect speed away in his car, heading northbound on Evergreen.

Numerous witnesses corroborated these incidents. Officers continued to interview witnesses, and two Southfield police evidence technicians processed the scene, including the vehicles of the first two victims. The Beverly Hills Police Department was notified due to part of the incident taking place in their jurisdiction.

The suspect was described as a Black man, 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall, with light skin and shoulder-length black dreads. He was wearing a black zip-up hoodie with a gray shirt underneath and black pants. The vehicle stolen was a 2016 black Toyota Corolla with black rims.