A new construction, 29775 Southfield Road, is an outparcel of the Home Depot at 29801 Southfield Road. It will be dubbed Southfield HD Plaza and will feature retail and dining.

Photo by Patricia O’Blenes

New strip mall to feature retail, dining

By: Kayla Dimick | Southfield Sun | Published August 15, 2018

SOUTHFIELD — At a recent meeting, the Southfield City Council approved a request from Matthew Berke, of Keystone Commercial Real Estate, to establish retail and dining establishments at a new strip mall construction. 

The new construction, 29775 Southfield Road, is an outparcel of the Home Depot at 29801 Southfield Road, and it will be dubbed Southfield HD Plaza. 

At its July 30 meeting, the council voted 6-0 to approve a request from Berke to establish a restaurant in the new construction, which has four tenant spaces total. Councilman Lloyd Crews was not at the meeting. 

According to City Planner Terry Croad, pursuant to Southfield city code, a restaurant cannot be established in less than four tenant spaces. 

“The shell of the building is already completed, and the main difference is that in the two interior tenant spaces, the doors are going to be removed, and those spaces are going to be combined,” Croad said. 

Berke said developers planned the mall without knowing who their tenants would be, which is standard practice. 

“When we planned the development, we originally slated it for four units. As often happens, you don’t necessarily know your tenants in the beginning and exactly who is going to go in there,” Berke said. 

Berke also gave the council insight as to which businesses will be renting the space. 

“As time progressed, we entered into a lease for the southern unit for Citizens Bank. We entered into a lease with National Coney Island for the northern unit, and we had two units remaining in the middle,” he said. “Along came a new tenant  — Mattress Firm  — which we are hopefully going to enter into a lease with if we obtain the approvals this evening. But Mattress Firm needed more space than what was provided in the two seperate units, and we’re looking to combine those units.”

Councilman Michael Mandelbaum asked if the Planning Department has looked into changing the ordinance. 

“We discussed this at the Committee of the Whole (meeting), but is this something that the Planning Department in general is looking at possibly changing this weird requirement,” Mandelbaum said to Croad. 

“We will be addressing this in our zoning amendment to eliminate this provision specifically,” Croad said. 

Berke said crews are putting the final touches on the building, and the stores are slated to open in late September or early October.