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Madison Heights

Madison wrestling hopes to establish strong tradition

January 16, 2013

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Sophomore Munda Kamanda, left, and junior Gerron Fowler participate in an Eagles’ practice session.

Madison High has turned to Tim Taylor to try to get the school’s wrestling program headed in the right direction.

Taylor, who said he last coached wrestling at Page Middle School in Madison Heights in the 1970s, said he is excited to have the opportunity and understands the challenges that come with the job.

The numbers for Madison’s wrestling program have been down in recent years, and from Taylor’s perspective, he is starting the program from scratch.

Given that he is still in the early stages of trying to build Madison’s program, he understands that positive results aren’t likely to come overnight.

“If we win maybe a third of the matches that we wrestle, that would be way higher than what my expectations are,” he said.

And although he realizes it might take some time, Taylor is not content to settle for mediocrity. He has a lofty long-term goal for Madison’s wrestling program.

“If I stick with it and the kids stick with it, I expect to be on top of the game within three years,” he said. “We’ll build the program up. It’s going to be real good.”

Taylor believes there are benefits of wrestling that extend beyond the mere sporting aspect of it. Aside from his desire to assist wrestlers with becoming good enough to earn a college scholarship, Taylor also wants the sport of wrestling to help teach the kids some valuable life lessons.

“It’s a sport you can take with you the rest of your life,” he said. “You realize there’s no short cuts, and you got to work hard to become whatever you want to become. When it comes to working in the real world, you bring that along with you. (It) automatically kicks in, and you work hard and you do well.”

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