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We recently asked readers to share some of their most-loved holiday traditions, and everyone
who submitted their favorite was entered into a random drawing to win dinner for two. 

Congratulations to our winner, Yvonne Woodstock of Farmington Hills. 

Check out all of this year's entries below:

We enjoy a delicious, abundant Christmas Feast and desserts and celebrate my wife's Christmas day birthday too! The most fun part is when our whole family plays funny games like Imaginiff, Apples to Apples and Crappy Birthday, and more and we love laughing and we laugh a LOT! Making priceless memories with loved ones that last forever are the best to me!

Robert Todd Woodstock, Farmington Hills

We have fun & joy of picking out, buying and donating to Toys for Tots. It's fun & emotionally rewarding. It's extra special to us too because 12 years ago when I was single divorced mom of 4 even though working was so poor hardly had food/utilities, couldn't afford gifts. Toys for Tots gave kids gifts 3 years in a row, They were amazing gifts, Kids were ecstatic, jumping up & down, squealing, I was sobbing HARD in such deep gratitude to all the strangers who cared so much to bless us. We look fwd. to paying it fwd each year ever since we are doing well now.

Yvonne Woodstock, Farmington Hills

I love getting out all my ornaments for the tree — my parents would buy me one every year as I was growing up ... so it's like a little bit of history unwrapping them all.

Jennifer Perkins, Clawson

We always opened one present on Christmas Eve. It took me until I was about eleven to realize it was always going to be pajamas. It is something I now do with my children.

Lori LaBelle, Farmington

There is one ornament in particular that is really special to us: it's a golden bulb that has a photo of our family from when our daughter was a toddler, as well as audio of me singing a silly song to her about our family. The audio also includes her response to the song (her making more funny sounds than words since she was still learning language when we recorded it). Every year, she plays that ornament's audio over and over throughout the season, her face lighting up each time.

She also likes opening up the windows on the advent calendar -- more so than the eating the chocolate inside the windows! This year, we got an animal-themed advent calendar. We had just finished reading a book about Dug, from the Disney-Pixar movie UP, before opening the first window on December 1, and were gleefully surprised to discover that the first animal was a squirrel. She hasn't stopped talking about that since!

Adeeb Haddad, Sterling Heights

Aside from the many parties and gift-sharing with friends and family, two of our daughter's favorite traditions this time of year are decorating the tree and counting down the days to Santa's visit. Even when we lived abroad (in Indonesia) during the winter holiday season, we decorated a tree (a tropical palm) and created a homemade countdown calendar.

Hebah Haddad, Sterling Heights

Christmas is certainly a time for tradition, so with that in mind, I’d love to share a few of my favorite holiday traditions! Growing up, my mother made Christmas an extra special holiday, and I always look forward to celebrating it now. Many of these traditions are from years gone by, and some of them are newer traditions that I’ve started recently with my own family. I hope you enjoy reading my list of favorite holiday traditions to get you right into the spirit of Christmas.

As long as I can remember, baking has been one of the biggest traditions our family upholds during Christmas and one of my favorite holiday traditions! My mother and my grandmother have passed on all the recipes for the cookies, candies, cakes, pies, pastries, doughnuts, and other goodies, which I now bake in my own little kitchen. Of course, I love to bake year round, but there are some recipes that are special for Christmas alone! Aside from the many parties and gift-sharing with friends and family, two of our daughter's favorite traditions this time of year are decorating the tree and counting down the days to Santa's visit. Even when we lived abroad.

Rana Haddad, Sterling Heights

When I was a kid my Dad made up the ritual of how the family put their gifts for others under the Christmas Tree. It was never done till Christmas Eve. Then the family would gather around the Christmas tree with just the Holiday lights glowing. He would hand one of us a bell and that person would go and get their gifts for others. Before entering the room, that person would ring the bell which meant everyone had to close their eyes as the gift bearer put the gifts under the tree. When done they would ring the bell again for all to open their eyes and admire the gifts under the tree. My Dad always went last. With our eyes closed as he put gifts under the tree you would hear and crack or a crunch or glass breaking as he put each gift under the tree and you'd hear him say, "oh oh" I broke Moms gift or I hope Lenore's gift will still be ok. Then when he'd ring the bell again and we opened our eyes, all would be fine with the gifts. That was his little joke each year. Silly but I enjoyed it.

Lenore Krell, St. Clair Shores

My husband and I go to his sister's house, pick her up, and we all head over to Lim's Chinese Restaurant in Clawson, where we have our dinner, then go driving around looking at all the Christmas lights. Afterward, we settle in with a glass of spiked eggnog, watch Christmas movies, and talk to relatives on the phone. It may seem boring to some, but it has become our tradition since none of us have any children, and the rest of our family members are out of town. At any rate, we enjoy it, and look forward to it each year.

Sara Nickerson, Royal Oak