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Published August 1, 2017

It was in the middle of an impassioned speech from her longtime boyfriend about the 2017 solar eclipse when Robin Udell, of Silver Spring, Maryland, thought about taking the next step in their relationship.

“So, he was talking about how cool the eclipse is, how awesome it is that it’s happening in our lifetime, and I thought, ‘OK. So let’s get married,’” said Udell, formerly of Ann Arbor.

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Published August 1, 2017

By Samantha Shriber
C & G Special Writer

Succulents, plants that store water in their leaves and stems, have been popping up across the United States with the same heat as their desert roots.

Amelia Oke, of St. Clair Shores, said that succulents generate a cheerful and positive atmosphere for her household.

“My succulents at home are very healthy and happy,” she said in a Facebook message, explaining how they sit on counters and dresser tops with a lifelike happiness.

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Published August 1, 2017

When it comes to driving simply for the fun of it, many car enthusiasts turn to modern-day sports cars, but for Jon Albert, of Bloomfield Hills, nothing beats the driving experience of the 1940s.

Albert owns a 1946 MG TC roadster, the third model in the “T” series manufactured by the MG Car Co. in England. It’s a car that Albert has had his eye on since he was a kid, and now that he has one, he takes it out on the road “for the sheer enjoyment of driving.”

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Published July 31, 2017

GREATER WEST BLOOMFIELD — Anne Dziuba has seen many technological advancements in the greater West Bloomfield community in her over four decades as an Orchard Lake resident — and as the Greater West Bloomfield Cable Communications Commission secretary since its formation in 1985.

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Published July 28, 2017

By Samantha Shriber
C & G Special Writer

Yard and garage sales fill the neighborhood as summer carries on.

There are various reasons to host a sale. For example, nonprofit organization Tigerlily Cat Rescue hosts an annual sale in Sterling Heights to raise money for feline rescue services.

Others put on sales in relation to moving, to create more space in their homes or simply to remove the burden of neglected items.

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Published July 28, 2017

The Haugh family makes it a point to limit screen time for their children.

But a few evenings each week, you’ll see all four of their faces glued to a smartphone screen. And that’s OK, said Wendee Haugh, of Southfield.

“Although we use the app for this, it doesn’t count because it’s a family activity that we can do together and be outside,” Haugh said of geocaching.

The outdoor activity utilizes a smartphone’s GPS to navigate a neighborhood in search of hidden treasures, or caches, stashed at certain coordinates.

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Published July 26, 2017

By Maddie Forshee
Special Reporter

WEST BLOOMFIELD — The West Bloomfield Public Library has always been a place of learning and information, even more so in the digital age. 

Through innovative programming, the library is teaching its patrons how to navigate today’s technology-reliant world, library officials said.

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Published July 20, 2017

OAKLAND COUNTY — A 15-year-old Dearborn resident drowned on Cass Lake, in Waterford Township, July 8.  

Mohammad Wutwut is the third local drowning victim in a three-month span, following two other victims who died in April and June.

The Waterford Township Police Department, the Waterford Regional Fire Department, and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit and Dive Team responded to Cass Lake on the drowning report July 8.

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Published July 19, 2017

A riot. A rebellion. Violent civil unrest. Whatever you choose to call it, the chaos that erupted at 12th and Clairmount in July 1967 and ravaged Detroit for the next five days changed the city forever.

The experience echoes in the memories of those who were there, and 50 years later they recall in vivid detail the sights and sounds of their city as it was turned into a war zone.

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Published July 19, 2017

METRO DETROIT — Budget cuts across the board have been a constant in recent years for Michigan’s public schools.

Educators and lawmakers have been at odds over the way schools are funded, and some Michiganders are worried that public funding will be used for private or for-profit institutions.

In an effort to bring the funding issue to the forefront, local residents Erica Foondle and Sara Scott have organized the March for Public Education from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. July 22 at Clark Park in southwest Detroit.

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Published July 19, 2017

OAKLAND COUNTY — You don’t have to live right on the lakes to be encouraged to help keep them thriving.

That is a message that an annual 2017 Investigating Lake Ecology Workshop will cover 9 a.m.-1 p.m. July 22 at the Independence Oaks County Park Wint Nature Center, 9501 Sashabaw Road in Clarkston.

Whether you mow the grass or jet ski on lakes, the workshop will explain how to keep the lakes safe and sound.

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Published July 19, 2017

KEEGO HARBOR — The vestibules at Doc and June’s are dead giveaways that community collaboration is key to making Keego thrive.

Multiple pieces of art — like an oversized dreamcatcher on a white wooden beam, along with framed paintings of sunsets, dogs, flowers and abstract art — hang in two of the newly established restaurant’s vestibules. The art fit in perfectly alongside the eclectic 1950s-style ambiance of the restaurant at 1967 Cass Lake Road. 

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Published July 19, 2017

METRO DETROIT — Summertime brings with it outdoor cookouts and giving in to your barbecue cravings. 

Barbecue season also means it is a good time to review the hazards of firing up a grill, and how to avoid them. Flare-ups and grease fires are both outcomes that can occur from operator error and a lack of knowledge when grilling. 

West Bloomfield Township Fire Marshal Byron Turnquist said that grills must be kept at least 10 feet away from any structure or combustible item, such as a piece of backyard furniture or litter. 

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Published July 12, 2017

METRO DETROIT — Fairy gardens combine fantasy, imagination and gardening to create a summertime craft that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

Rayna Burkhart, of Romulus, said via Facebook message that she had been collecting fairy sculptures for years before fairy gardening gained popularity a few years ago. 

“It opened my eyes to a thousand possibilities. Gardening is the love of my life, and mixing the two together is beautiful and fulfilling,” she said. 

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Published July 11, 2017

WEST BLOOMFIELD — The West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Commission is looking for residents’ input on site redevelopment plans to upgrade the Family Aquatic Center property.

Parks Superintendent Joe Ketchum said that the dated facility, while not rundown, does not meet the township’s standards.

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Published July 7, 2017

MACOMB COUNTY/DETROIT — A group of Macomb Community College students who feel their freedom of speech was violated earlier this year are seeking justice through the legal system.

On July 5, attorneys from the nonprofit legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the students to challenge a college policy that they say bans all public expression from anyone, minus labor unions, without a permit from administrators.

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Published July 5, 2017

Orchard Lake City Council member James Talpos had a passion for the city of Orchard Lake, which he served since being elected to office in 1991.

Talpos, 65 and the former mayor of Orchard Lake, died July 1 at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital due to an illness and entering into a coma in late June, Mayor Norman Finkelstein said.

Finkelstein said that Talpos was a very important and influential member of Orchard Lake.

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Published July 5, 2017

How can you wish upon a star if the stars are hard to see?

Light pollution in large metropolitan areas such as Detroit can limit what’s visible in the night sky, but luckily for stargazers, better viewing options aren’t far away.

Several Michigan parks now have state-designated dark sky preserves that aim to restrict artificial light, preserve natural darkness and provide spectacular views for visitors.

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Published July 5, 2017

KEEGO HARBOR — The Keego Harbor Police Department’s future was discussed during a special City Council meeting June 20 at City Hall, which drew a standing-room-only crowd. 

A number of options — including a public safety millage and sharing services with Sylvan Lake — were mentioned during the roughly four-hour meeting. But even as questions linger about the future, the one thing made certain is that the Police Department will not merge with West Bloomfield’s, which made many in the crowd breathe an audible sigh of relief. 

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Published June 30, 2017

OAKLAND COUNTY — Just as the grills and sparklers fizzle out at the end of Independence Day, the fun will just be getting started at Springfield Oaks County Park as the annual Oakland County Fair opens up July 7-16.

Grandstand entertainment, games, carnival rides, fair food, fireworks and so much more will bring Davisburg to life once again for the decades-old family event. But tradition is only half of the fun, according to Fair Manager L.C. Scramlin.

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