Woods honors businessman for years of dedication, service

By: April Lehmbeck | Grosse Pointe Times | Published October 16, 2013

GROSSE POINTE WOODS — When Mayor Robert Novitke asked residents who serve on city boards and commissions to be recognized during the Oct. 7 City Council meeting, several residents stood up, including many who were there to see Angelo

DiClemente receive a proclamation for his many years of service to the city.

Mayor Robert Novitke wasn’t surprised by all of the support but joked that, usually, when so many commission members are in the audience of a City Council meeting at the same time, the council gets a little nervous.

“I understand why we have so many here,” Novitke said.

“You should be proud,” Novitke said to DiClemente. “You really earned it. I think you’ve been an inspiration to the community and to all of us.”

When it came time to read the proclamation, Novitke wanted DiClemente to know something.

“This is really from all of us,” Novitke said. “You really do have the respect and appreciation from all of us.”  

DiClemente came to the meeting with family members in tow, including his wife, Antoinette, who is co-owner of their business on Mack, The Dried Flower shop.

“He certainly has worked hard enough for it, and he enjoyed it all of those years,” she said. “He always has.”

Novitke said he was sad to hear that DiClemente was looking to step down from the Beautification Commission.

While DiClemente said he was considering making the change, he said he plans to continue to keep busy.

Prior to owning The Dried Flower, DiClemente had many years of service with Ford Motor Co. where he worked as a personnel supervisor, according to the proclamation.

Besides running his successful business, DiClemente’s service to the community stems back decades, including his serving as membership chairman of the Grosse Pointe Merchants Association in the 1970s.

His service also has included serving for 36 years as a member of the Mayor’s Beautification Advisory Commission, with terms as chair of the commission and event committees. He was a founding member of the Grosse Pointe Business and Professional Association, now the Mack Avenue Business Association.

He also is an officer serving in the Grosse Pointe Woods Senior Club, according to the proclamation.

The father of four has a history of service to education as a previous member of St. Peter’s school board and as the school’s Booster Club president at one time.